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TOPIC: Getting from barcode to comic (maybe even comicvine)?

Getting from barcode to comic (maybe even comicvine)? 5 years 6 months ago #29304

  • cYo
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Still dreaming about just scanning my comics and getting them into the system with a add comic script.
I think some time ago someone looked into this. Would this now be feasible. Is the data available online?

Would be cool to scan books with CRA and with the next sync they are added as fileless entries :)
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Re: Getting from barcode to comic (maybe even comicvine)? 5 years 6 months ago #29305

  • riddlemethis
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You're talking about scanning the bar/QR code on the cover and that would pull issue information direct to library? That's a neat idea, especially with most phones able to scan either.
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Re: Getting from barcode to comic (maybe even comicvine)? 5 years 6 months ago #29311

  • perezmu
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Hello there,

if my memory serves me well, I think I first suggested this long time ago, after trying a similar service provided by Amazon, but was discouraged by most comments... I eas thinking at the time not only on using a camera, but also on may scanned comics which preserved the bar code... I'd also love to see some progress in this topic!

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Re: Getting from barcode to comic (maybe even comicvine)? 5 years 6 months ago #29314

  • oraclexview
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@cYo: First, thank you for the many batches of new releases and new features and fields. Later on I will show my appreciation for the 161 once I get a chance to try it out. That Released Date alone sounds like a great motivator.

Second, I've just recently done some research on how UPC bars/numbers work for comics. This is what motivated me to officially request this dedicated UPC field just as the ISBN data has a dedicated field. There are at least two existing free online databases that give the ability track a comic's UPC number; in fact, they track both ISBN & UPC numbers...Grand Comics Database and StashMyComics.com. This is obviously a small start to get some type of automated process in place. However, StashMyComics.com has no current plans for doing an API and Grand Comics Database is working on their API, though with no estimated release date. The only free to use comics online database with an API seems to be ComicVine, which unfortunately doesn't seem to track either ISBN or UPC numbers.

I was able to find a website that supposedly tracks UPC numbers, but unfortunately this doesn't apply to comics. I wondered why. It turns out that officially UPC numbers are suppose to be up to 12 digits long. However, most comics are 17 digits long. I think that site only tracks the 12-digit numbers. Basically, a 17-digit comics code is a combination of a standard UPC and a ISBN. The first 12 digits refers to the comic series (ex every Batman New 52 book has the same first 12 digits) and are a standard UPC. The last 5 digits refers to each issue in particular (usually the first 3 for the number, the 4th digit for the variant version and the last 5th digit for the printing release) and are based on the last part of a standard ISBN code.

There is hope for the future though :) . I did find a site that is dedicated to tracking a comic's 17-digit UPC code which was started in 2010. It is still in current development, but it looks like once it's up and running it'll be just the database we're looking for. Here are a couple of the key goals of the site:
  • Open – the web site and data are free to use.
  • Provides a UPC lookup web service – third party comic book cataloging software uses the web service to programmatically lookup UPC codes, retrieve comic book information and update the end user’s comic book collection.
At this point, a CRW script could seemingly be much more easier to write and implement. With better luck, maybe a function could be written directly into CRA to scan these UPC bars and then look up from this coming service the related data. Just thought I'd share all that to keep all informed. A change is on the horizon!
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Re: Getting from barcode to comic (maybe even comicvine)? 5 years 6 months ago #29320

  • Stonepaw
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A long time ago I wrote a script to scan barcodes and create a fileless comic using the google base database.

No idea if it still works though.
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