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Marvel "seasons" in comics... 1 year 8 months ago #47764

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Since I began reading new comics when Heroic Age was released, and then Marvel Now, I have been dividing my Marvel collection by "ages", to keep some kind of "module order" and not have everything mixed... (and then use a different type of division inside each one of them)

The idea is always choosing specific moments in time where most comics are relaunch or renew, so that every age "cut" comic series the less possible...

Till now I have created 4 "seasons" or "ages":

Heroic Age (from after Siege to Avx)
Marvel Now (from after Avx to Secret Wars)
All New Marvel (from after Secret Wars to Marvel Now 2016 number 1s)
Marvel Now 2016 (from Marvel Now till today)

As I haven't read many comics before Siege (or at least not in a completionist way of reading everything) everything before siege is in a "category" called "Old Marvel"

Now, however, I have been wanting to read and organize comics before Siege event, and so I have been trying to find new "points in time" to make this division... As I am quite "new" in Marvel Comics, I don't know enough to do it, so I am asking veterans reader for help with this...

Which points in time would you choose in Marvel history to make this divisions in the most "modular" way possible?

Note: Some comics that usually are not very connected to the main universe or cronollogy I usually separate them in their own category... as for example Ultimate Marvel (before Marvel now), MAX, Marvel Zombies, etc... These comics are in separate modules of their own... with their own sagas or categories (for example Ultimate Marvel I have it divided in "1st saga", "2nd saga", "3rd saga" and "Marvel Now Saga")

The idea is not to find PERFECT breaking point, you will ALWAYS have series cut in two, or things like that. It will always be a subjective concept...
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