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Index of Web Comics (CBWs) 8 years 2 months ago #13924

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If the webcomic you want isn't on this list, please use the Webcomic Helper script, it will create a CBW file for the vast majority of webcomics out there. If that doesn't work, please place a request in this forum and we'll either update Webcomic Helper to work with the webcomic or simply manually create a CBW file for it.

For anyone new to CBWs, they are small XML files that direct Comicrack to fetch comic pages a web comic's official site in much the same way as a browser. No image files are stored in them.

If you wish to contribute please the follwing template:
  • Title (And link to comic's official site)
    • Creator/s :
    • Description
    • CBW : (creator @ thread) tags(static|nsfw|broken|etc...)
But please provide it in bbCode so I can easily cut and paste it into the lists below :
  [li][b][url=http://www.penny-arcade.com/]Penny Arcade[/url][/b][ul]
  [li][b]Creator/s : [/b] Written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik[/li]
  [li]Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture[/li]
  [li][url=http://comicrack.cyolito.com/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/Penny_Arcade_2010.cbw]Penny_Arcade_2010.cbw[/url] ([url=http://comicrack.cyolito.com/forum/profile/userid-63]cYo[/url] @ [url=http://comicrack.cyolito.com/forum/22-web-comics/6405-penny-arcade-the-2010-issues#6405]thread[/url])[/li]
The list is split up into;
  • Unfulfilled Requests
  • A-K
  • L-Z
Descriptions are taken from the webcomic's official site, wikipedia or thewebcomiclist.com

CBWs are self-updating unless otherwise noted. Only CBWs or zips of related CBWs will be listed, no other archive fill will be listed.

Fulfilled requests should be posted in the requesting thread rather than starting a new one.
Report broken CBWs, make comments or suggestions regarding this list in this thread..
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Unfulfilled Requests 8 years 2 months ago #13925

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#, A-K 8 years 2 months ago #13926

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  • Bad Machinery

  • Ballerina Mafia

  • Basic Instructions
    • Creator/s : Scott Meyer
    • The theme of the comic is the 'basic instructions for life' in a twisted and humorous manner. The comic follows a four-panel layout in a 'window' format, with 2 panels on the top and two on the bottom. Each panel is headed with instructions on dealing with various situations such as, "How to Lie for Recreational Purposes" or "How to Win at Monopoly Without Losing a Friend." Below the heading are characters - analogues of the author and his friends - carrying out the instructions, albeit in a way that usually ends up making the situations worse, or embarrasses someone.
    • Basic_Instructions.cbw (Nyarlathotep @ thread)

  • Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
    • Creator/s : Gitte Tang Jensen and Maia Fjordmand
    • Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth is a webcomic by Gitte Tang Jensen and Maia Fjordmand about a Heaven and Hell that is not cut out in black and white.

      The first and current storyline Rebound takes on the subject of Heaven and its angels, war, and how people’s intentions and their actions don’t always help the same cause.

      Note that the comic is rated PG-13 due to violence,
      nudity, language and themes not suited for kids.
      Read at your own discretion.
    • Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Battle of Dovecote Crest
    • Creator/s : Hailey Bachrach and Bridget Underwood
    • Love, loyalty, and people pretending to shoot each other - Civil War reenactment wins all around! At the little and largely forgotten battle of Dovecote Crest in Arkansas, four friends make history. Again.
    • The Battle of Dovecote Crest.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Bean
    • Creator/s : Travis Hanson
    • In a dusty old inn hidden deep in the Forest of Dark Leaf, a young dishwasher named Bean, is kidnapped by a troll, hunting a mysterious weapon.
    • The Bean.cbw (cYo] @ thread)

  • Bear Nuts
    • Creator/s : Alison Acton
    • As one of the largest exhibits at the Discount Zoo, (in both size and number of inhabitants) the bears attract a lot of attention... something none of them are happy about. Between gawking adults, jeering children, and their own rather profound personality clashes, it’s a wonder the bears can get through each day without maiming each other... well, most days.
    • Bear Nuts September 2008.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • The Book of Biff
    • Creator/s : Chris Hallbeck
    • A one panel comic following the life of a naive but persistant person living in a world of his own.
    • The Book of Biff.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Blood of Cobalt
    • Creator/s : Mr. Leach
    • Blood of Cobalt takes place in the fictional land of Ruria, a country made modestly prosperous under the ‘Peasant’ King, who though crudely usurped the previous monarch, managed to rid Ruria of war, as it now enjoys its longest period of peace since its colonization. Bordering Ruria is its most recent enemy, now under a long standing peace treaty, the republic of Archam, a country whose scientific breakthroughs nearly crushed Ruria until the Peasant King took over Ruria’s armies, and instilled the help of neighboring nations. Though Archam’s financial state was barely dented by the war, many Archi resent the large amount of money and land granted to Ruria at the signing of the treaty.
    • Blood of Cobalt February 2011.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Between Failures
    • Creator/s : J Thomas
    • Thomas Blackwell is a clerk in a store. He believes that "life is what happens, between failures." This is the story of his life & friends.
    • Between Failures.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl
    • Creator/s : Veronica "Taeshi" Vera
    • Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a thrice-weekly comic about a bunch of friends going through school, getting tangled up in relationships and dealing with everyday drama. It\'s supposed to be fun, touching and amusing, and hopefully you find it that way too! The site has some introduction sections to help get you into it quickly.
    • Bittersweet Candy Bowl.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Brawl in the Family
    • Creator/s : Matthew Taranto
    • I’m glad you asked. Brawl in the Family is a comic strip centering on Kirby and by extension, many famous Nintendo characters that have appeared in the Smash Bros games. There are cameos from other titles as well.
    • Brawl in the Family.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Calvin and Hobbes

  • Catalyst
    • Creator/s : Esther Chuah
    • Kailin Anil is a fairly commonplace peasant girl who was blinded by the fever when she was six. Now, a decade later, her simple life revolves around the village, the mountains, her older brother Rune; and every once in a while, strange dreams which she can never really remember.
      That is, until a band of soldiers shows up one day, and Kai' is snatched away by someone intent on protecting her - not for who she is or what she can do, but for what she has that makes her able to do them.
    • Catalyst.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Cheap Thrills
    • Creator/s : Skurvy
    • Cheap Thrills follows the lives of some teenagers as they explore sex, drugs, love and life.
    • Cheap Thrills.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Cheer Up, Emo Kid
    • Creator/s : Written and illustrated by Enzo
    • Cheer Up, Emo Kid is a nonlinear webcomic centered around life, love, and loss there of, and despite how terrible things can get, there’s always room for a laugh or two. The world may be crashing down on you, but I promise you, you aren’t alone.
    • Cheer Up Emo Kid.cbw (g1zm02k @ thread)

  • Chuck & Beans

  • College Roomies from Hell!!!
    • Creator/s : Maritza Campos-Rebolledo
    • Running since January 1, 1999 and featuring a new comic strip every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (theoretically - in practice it's about once a week), College Roomies from Hell!!! depicts the lives of six college students attending an unnamed college somewhere in the United States. Forced out of their dormitory by a gas leak explosion, Mike Green, David Jones, Roger Pepitone, Marsha Hart, Margaret Browning, and April Sommers now live in an apartment building near their college and suffer natural, supernatural, and academic indignities and drama in this alternately humorous and dark serial comic strip.
    • College Roomies from Hell.cbw (Helmic @ thread)
    • College Roomies from Hell January 1999.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Condorito (Spanish)
    • Creator/s : René Ríos (Pepo)
    • Condorito is a comic strip that features an anthropomorphic condor living in a fictitious town named Pelotillehue — a typical small Chilean provincial town. He is meant to be a representation of the Latin American people.
    • condorito___web_comic.cbw (Ne0zero @ thread)

  • Crimson Dark
    • Creator/s : David C. Simon
    • In the 27th century, a rag-tag bunch of individuals find themselves commanding a privateer in the middle of an interstellar war.
    • Crimson Dark.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Ctrl+Alt+Del
    • Creator/s : Tim Buckley
    • Gaming webcomic focusing on the antics of Ethan and his roommate Lucas.
    • CtrlAltDel.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Cyanide & Happiness
    • Creator/s : Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, and Dave McElfatrick
    • Daily comic featuring simple art, black comedy, and puns.
    • Cyanide Happiness.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Darths & Droids

  • Dead Winter
    • Creator/s : S. Dave Shabet
    • A slice of life and a crime story quickly turn into a zombie movie made of awesome. Certified Romero-fan awesome.
    • Dead Winter.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Devilbear: The Grimoires of Bearalzebub
    • Creator/s : Ben Bourbon
    • 'Devilbear' follows the adventures of Bearalzebub who rules teddy bear hell: where all bad teddy bears go when they die. It is a place of plush horrors where bear's seams are ripped, their stitches are undone, and stuffing is burned for all eternity. You might even be surprised at some of the bears that end up there and the humorous ways that they can die. Readers can look forward to lots of jokes, puns, and occasional innuendos.
    • Devilbear- The Grimoires of Bearalzebub July 2009.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Digger
    • Creator/s : Ursula Vernon
    • Digger is a story about a wombat. More specifically, it is a story about a particularly no-nonsense wombat who finds herself stuck on the wrong end of a one-way tunnel in a strange land where nonsense seems to be the specialty. Now with the help of a talking statue of a god, an outcast hyena, a shadow-being of undeterminate origin, and an oracular slug she seeks to find out where she is and how to go about getting back to her Warren.
    • Digger.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Dinosaur Comics
    • Creator/s : Ryan North
    • Dinosaur Comics is a comic about talking dinosaurs! It appears online and also in print in some newspapers and magazines! There is an RSS feed and a LiveJournal feed and a Twitter feed for the comics. If you want to learn more there is always the Dinosaur Comics Wikipedia entry, filled to the brim with wild half-truths and innuendo. If you want to support the comic, maybe buy the book or some sweet merchandise? They're awesome I PROMISE.
    • Dinosaur%20Comics.cbw (Helmic @ thread)
    • Dinosaur Comics.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • A Distant Soil
    • Creator/s : Colleen Doran
    • Jason and Liana are the children of Aeren, a fugitive from the planet Ovanan, a world of powerful, beautiful and ageless psionics. Both children possess extraordinary powers. Jason, only 17 years old, is a disruptor, capable of short circuiting the energy systems in machines as well as in living beings. Liana, 15 years old, is the most powerful form of psionic in the known universe: she is an Avatar, a being who can draw on the life force of all the Ovanan people and wield that force as a weapon. Avatars are the religious leaders and protectors of Ovanan, but only one Avatar can exist at a time, and as long as Liana lives, she is a threat to Ovanan which has sent its massive warship the Siovansin to assassinate her.
    • A Distant Soil.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • DM of the Rings
    • Creator/s : Shamus Young
    • DM of the Rings was my big break. My hit single. It took screencaps from the Lord of the Rings movies and presented them as a Dungeons & Dragons game being played by the members of the fellowship. It turned this blog from an obscure little hobby site read by dozens into whatever it is today. The comic ended exactly a year after it began, and I was henceforth known as a “webcomic guy”.
    • DM_of_the_Rings.cbw (Nyarlathotep @ thread)

  • Dominic Deegan - Oracle For Hire
    • Dominic Deegan, a grumpy seer, and his friends have faced violent knights, murderous witches, incompetent thieves, furry sea monsters, angry mobs, magical slimes, flesh-eating demon lords, the blight of the undead, and mood swings. Their adventures have only just begun. Come and see for yourself. Just beware of Death From Above!
    • Dominic Deegan - Oracle For Hire.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Dream*Scar
    • Creator/s : Heather Meade
    • Set in a post-modern, alternate reality, d*s shows a world where unhumans, creatures of myth and lore [vampires, werewolves, dragons etc], live openly amongst humans and are therefore known for a fact to exist. It\'s not something that has been known for many years -- it\'s new to both humans and unhumans, and so times are slightly chaotic [racism especially rampant]. Admist all this is a girl named Vix. She knows she is an unhuman, and she knows how they are treated. She is lucky -- she is merely something of an empath. Her powers are rather unnoticeable, so she is able to hide it. But when something goes wrong, and people end up dead, she begins to realize that there\'s more to her than she can comprehend...
    • dream scar.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Dreamland Chronicles

  • Dreamless

  • Dresden Codak
    • Creator/s : Aaron Diaz
    • Dresden Codak is a webcomic written and illustrated by Aaron Diaz. Described by Diaz as a "celebration of science, death and human folly", The comic presents stories that deal with elements of philosophy, science and technology, and/or psychology.
    • Dresden Codak June 2005.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Earthsong
    • Creator/s : Lady Yates
    • A young woman wakes up to find herself in a strange place, with no memories of who she is or how she got there. After a short run in with the Mandragoras, the resident bad guys, she is taken in by the Haven's Guard and is named Willow. She is introduced to Earthsong. Earthsong is a manifestation of the planet on which the plot takes place, using a manifest stone made out of her core element to take humanoid form. Each planet in the universe is alive in this way, and many of the planets create "children" - a sentient species that lives on the planet's surface. These are usually humanoid.
      Earthsong tells Willow that she is one such "child" of a planet. However, she has been removed from her home planet's surface temporarily. Sometimes pieces of a planet's core element leak to the surface, and form soulstones inside the bodies of children. These soulstones are dangerous to their hosts: they grant the bearer access to the powers of his or her planet, but that same power is too much for the bearer's body to handle. Earthsong brings soulstone bearers to her surface to keep them from blowing up under the stress. Later, the soulstones can be gently removed, so that the child returns to his or her home planet.
    • Earthsong 2011 Web Comic.zip (chapters 1-8) (relatively_random @ thread)
    • Earthsong_2011-05-08.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • E-depth Angel

  • El Goonish Shive
    • Creator/s : Dan Shive
    • The comic depicts the lives of a fictional group of teenagers in their junior year of high school. They are subject to the trials of daily teenage life, such as disapproving parents, nasty rumors and arbitrary school decisions, as well as more outlandish problems involving magic, aliens, parallel dimensions, and "superscience"
    • El_Goonish_Shive.cbw (Stonepaw @ thread) self-updating
    • El_Goonish_Shive_NP.cbw (side story) (shoggi @ thread) self-updating

  • Ends 'N' Means
    • Creator/s : Barry Hoare
    • Ends ‘n’ Means, is a comic set in an imaginary London suburb and is centred around a group of friends that just can’t seem to get it together. It’s a comic about high hopes, low standards, and bitter disappoinment... Also it has a fluffy bunny!
    • Ends N Means July 2009.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Escape From Terra
    • Creator/s : Escape From Terra
    • The continuing adventures of life and survival in the asteroid belt. 5-day weekly action adventure webcomic strip
    • Escape From Terra.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Evil Diva
    • Creator/s : Brinson Thieme
    • Diva Beelze is an average fifteen-year old devil, but she has a small problem. She has these uncontrollable urges to just be nice. Clearly, the best solution is to be a superhero.
    • Evil Diva June 2008.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Evil Plan
    • Creator/s : Alexis Royce & Megan Johnston
    • The common superhero tale... from the villain's side.
    • Evil Plan.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Flipside

  • FreakAngels
    • Creator/s : written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield
    • Ellis' synopsis of the plot involves characters "living in a post-flood London that they might possibly have had something to do with."[1] The so-called FreakAngels, who possess telepathy and many other "special" abilities, such as space-time manipulation/distortion, and pyrokinesis, live in Whitechapel.
      As the story progresses, eleven of the FreakAngels are introduced and their role in the community is expanded. For the most part cooperatively they have created a small community of roughly three hundred people with fresh water, watch towers, markets, home-grown vegetables and a medical clinic. Their society is threatened, however, externally from refugee attacks and internally from personal conflicts and crime.
    • Freak_Angels.cbw (cYo @ thread) self-updating scraping issues
    • Freak Angels.cbw (cYo @ thread) self-updating

  • Garfield
    • Creator/s : Jim Davis
    • Garfield is a comic strip created by Jim Davis. Published since June 19, 1978, it chronicles the life of the title character, the cat Garfield (named after Davis's grandfather); his owner, Jon Arbuckle; and Arbuckle's dog, Odie. As of 2007, it was syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals, and held the Guinness World Record for being the world's most widely syndicated comic strip.
    • Garfield.cbw (600WPMPO @ thread)

  • Garfield Minus Garfield
    • Creator/s : Dan Walsh
    • Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.
    • Garfield Minus Garfield.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Geeks Next Door
    • Creator/s : Jessi Bavolack and Matt Pascal
    • This is the story of a geek couple and the people who live with them. Tabletop RPGs, ex-boyfriends on cop shows, and snack attacks are just average events in the lives of Matt and Jessi.
    • Geeks Next Door.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • General Project Fault

  • A Girl and Her Fed
    • Creator/s : J. David Abbott (Otter)
    • A girl finds herself on the wrong side of the U.S. PATRIOT Act. Now with more angry Ben Franklin!
    • A Girl and Her Fed.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Girl Genius Online
    • Creator/s : Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU
    • Girl Genius presents an alternate history "where the Industrial Revolution has escalated into an all-out war" due to the battles between "Sparks" – highly charismatic mad scientists with supernormal abilities in one or more sciences.
      The main character, Agatha Heterodyne, at first seems to be nothing more than a struggling student at Transylvania Polygnostic University, but when Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and his son come to investigate irregularities at the university, a seemingly unrelated sequence of events leads to Agatha awakening to her family's genetic inheritance and their secrets. The people she meets as she flees the Baron will either help her or try to use her, but in the Wastelands of devastated Europe, trust can be hard to win.
    • girl_genius_online2.cbw (Scottamus @ thread)
    • Girl Genius.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes
    • Creator/s : Tarol "Thunt" Hunt
    • Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes is a Dungeons & Dragons webcomic written and illustrated by Tarol "Thunt" Hunt. It is set in a humorously stereotypical fantasy setting, and follows the lives of a party of goblin adventurers who started as monsters and declared themselves player characters. The tagline for the comic - "Life Through Their Eyes" - reflects the predominant theme of the comic: telling a heroic tale of creatures normally viewed only as evil and weak. Tarol Hunt cautions young readers about the comic, as it often contains scenes of strong violence.
    • Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Graffiti

  • Grrl Power
    • Creator/s : David Barrack
    • A comic about super heroines. Well there are guys too but mostly it's about the girls. Doing the things that super powered girls do. Fighting crime, saving the world, dating, dieting, shopping, etc. There'll be explosions, cheesecake, beefcake, heroes and villains, angels and demons, cyborgs, ninjas, probably pirates.
    • Grrl Power.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Guns of Shadow Valley
    • Creator/s : David Wachter and James Andrew Clark
    • Somewhere in the mysterious Shadow Valley lies a secret that could forever change the face of the frontier. To protect that secret, a posse of gunmen with special abilities must come together and defend against a tribe of ghostly warriors, an advancing army led by a deranged Colonel, and the perils of the valley itself.
    • Removed by creator's request (James Andrew Clark @ request)

  • Guilded Age
    • Creator/s : co-written by T Campbell & Phil Kahn, and illustrated by John Waltrip
    • A comedy about five over-the-top adventurers.
    • Guilded Age.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Gunnerkrigg Court
    • Creator/s : Tom Siddell
    • A young girl with a mysterious past explores the secrets of her strange boarding school. Now updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    • Gunnerkrigg Court.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Gutters
    • Creator/s : Written by Ryan Sohmer, art directed by Lar deSouza, coloring by Ed Ryzowski, and art by various guest artists
    • In brief, Gutters is a series of standalone pages that parody the comic book industry and the heroes and characters that dwell within. Think of it as an editorial cartoon targeting comic books, and you'll understand where we're going with it. Gutters is written by Ryan Sohmer, with Lar deSouza as Art Director and Ed Ryzowski serving as colorist. As for who will be doing the actual art, well, that's where things get interesting (and slightly different). Rather than have one artist pencil each page, we elected to have a rotating roster of professional artists, among them some giants in the comic book industry alongside new and emerging talent.
    • Gutters_2011-05-22.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Hark, a vagrant
    • Creator/s : Kate Beaton
    • Hark! A Vagrant is a webcomic published by Beaton about twice a week. It mainly consists of comics that find humor in historical or literary figures. There are also a number of comics where Beaton interacts with her younger self, and ones that were drawn by Beaton using MS Paint during her breaks at work.
    • Hark_a_vagrant.cbw (Astrophizz @ thread)

  • Housepets!
    • Creator/s : Rick Griffin
    • A tail about the life of Grape and Peanut and the trouble they get into.
    • Housepets.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Inhuman
    • Creator/s : H. Carlian
    • in the future, a war has broken out in space. this comic is about both people fighting in the war and people simply trying to live through it. some social commentary, existential philosophy.
    • Inhuman.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Inverloch
    • Creator/s : Sarah Ellerton
    • Inverloch is a series of five fantasy graphic novels authored by Sarah Ellerton drawn in a cel-shaded manga style. Inverloch was initially published as a webcomic with new content introduced several pages at a time from 2003 to 2007. Three volumes have seen print with the first three volumes currently available from IndyPlanet and with the first two originally published by Seven Seas Entertainment. Inverloch received several nominations in the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards, winning the Outstanding Fantasy Comic category in 2005. During its web publication Inverloch was highly rated at both Topwebcomics and buzzComix online comic rating sites.
    • Inverloch 2007 Web Comic.zip (by chapter) (relatively_random @ thread)

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L-Z 8 years 2 months ago #14126

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  • Lackadaisy

  • Las Lindas
    • Creator/s : Gonzalo "Chalo" Reyes, "SoulKat", and "ID_Fox"
    • Las Lindas is focused around a cow named Mora Linda who has recently inherited her father's 433 acre farm and elaborate homestead. In honor of her parent's passing, she decides that she must continue the family business of traditional farming on the now antiquated and dilapidated Las Lindas vegetable farm. Mora is strong-willed, blunt, and independent. And these qualities make her earliest attempts to run the farm difficult as she is quickly overwhelmed. Mora immediately sees that the task of maintaining Las Lindas is beyond her reach alone and is confronted with the challenge of building a team of workers to help her with the farm by non-traditional means.
    • laslindas.cbw (shoggi @ thread) broken
    • Las Lindas_2011-05-19.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Last Mortician
    • Creator/s : Tim Hall and Dean Haspiel
    • Acclaimed writer Tim Hall and Eisner-nominated and Emmy-winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel bring us a stark vision of a future in which one of humanity’s oldest professions is no longer essential. What might bring about such a world, and what might happen to the practitioners of this ancient art? What kind of world no longer needs someone to tend to their dead?
    • The Last Mortician.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
    • Creator/s : drawn by David Hellman and written by Dale Beran
    • Ted Rall describes the comic as "explor[ing] the limits of pessimism and fatal consequence in a universe that would be difficult to imagine on the printed page."[1] The comic has been officially "on hiatus" since September 2006.
    • A_Lesson_Is_Learned_But_The_Damage_Is_Irreversible.cbw (Astrophizz @ thread)

  • Loaded Dice
    • Creator/s : Roel Stalpers
    • Loaded Dice follows a group of D&D gamers as well as the adventures of their characters. Beware the RPG humor and puns!

      Updates on Mondays and Thursdays.
    • Loaded Dice.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Loading Artist
    • Creator/s : Gregor Czaykowski
    • ‘Loading Artist’ is a webcomic loosely based on the life of an artist who wants to get better and get noticed. Updated every Monday (usually).
    • Loading Artist.cbw (g1zm02k @ thread)

  • Looking For Group
    • Creator/s : written by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar DeSouza
    • Looking for Group is a fantasy-themed Canadian webcomic written by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar DeSouza. The Comic follows the adventures of Cale'Anon and Richard, as well as their companions. Since its launch on November 26, 2006, it has received positive attention from the webcomics community at large.
    • Looking For Group.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Lounge
    • Creator/s : written/illustrated by John Joseco
    • follows the misadventures of the sexy Lounge Manager Italy Ishida. Italy inherited The Lounge, an anime/games/comics/coffee shop, from her ailing father. She is assisted by Max, her rice obsessed protege, and eventually more characters who join the staff.

      In addition to the staff, The Lounge is frequented by regulars who can often make the job hard for the Lounge crew. Aya and Alex constantly make getting work done a near impossible task for Italy. Occasionally, bastard Scott likes to show up to make his brother Max's life a veritable Hell.

      Life outside of the Lounge is sometimes crazier than what happens in the store! There is always something exciting or crazy going on. The antics and interactions between characters is hilarious so you won't want to miss a thing.
    • The Lounge.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Megatokyo
    • Creator/s : created by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston
    • Set in a fictional version of Tokyo, Megatokyo portrays the adventures of Piro, a young fan of anime and manga, and his friend Largo, an American video game enthusiast. The comic often parodies and comments on the archetypes and clichés of anime, manga, dating sims, arcade and video games, occasionally making direct references to real-world works. Megatokyo originally emphasized humor, with continuity of the story a subsidiary concern. Over time, it focused more on developing a complex plot and the personalities of its characters. This transition was due primarily to Gallagher's increasing control over the comic, which led to Caston choosing to leave the project. Megatokyo has received praise from such sources as The New York Times, while negative criticism of Gallagher's changes to the comic has been given by sources including Websnark.
    • MegaTokyo.cbw (cYo @ thread)
    • MegaTokyo-20101001.cbw (Helmic @ thread)
    • MegaTokyo.cbw (Helmic @ thread) static

  • The Meek
    • Creator/s : Der-shing Helmer
    • The Meek is a graphic novel about Angora, an inexperienced young girl who has been sent on a quest to save the world. War looms on the horizon, and at its helm is the Emperor of the North and his hellish adviser. The two countries are overwhelmed with as much terror, crime, disease and revolution as they are with those who wish to create peace. Armed with only her instincts and an unexplainable power, she must experience and judge the world—and decide once and for all if it is truly worth saving.
    • The Meek 2011 Web Comic.zip (1&2) (relatively_random @ thread)
    • The Meek.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Misfile
    • Creator/s : Chris Hazelton
    • And angel accidentally changes a boy into a girl, misplaces two years of someone else's life, and then must help them cope.
    • Misfile.zip 14 Volumes (empty_other @ thread)

  • Nodwick
    • Creator/s : Aaron Williams
    • based around the conventions of fantasy role-playing games, in particular Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). It debuted in Dragon magazine issue #246 (April 1998), first with short strips, and later receiving a second strip in Dungeon magazine, making fun of one of the adventures published in each issue. In Dragon #270 (April 2000), Nodwick was expanded to a two-page spread and replaced Knights of the Dinner Table as a full page comic that served as a parody of D&D adventuring. It later became a single page strip, related to the issue's theme; later, the strip was removed from Dungeon, but still appeared in Dragon, now unrelated to the main theme of the issue, until Dragon ceased print publication late in 2007.
    • Nodwick_part1.cbw (empty_other @ thread)
    • Nodwick_part2.cbw (empty_other @ thread)

  • Not a Villain
    • Creator/s : Aneeka
    • What if the only way to interact with people was via a virtual reality? Ie, the world ended and we only had the internet left. What would happen if you combined a mmorpg with reality tv? Where you have to get votes in order to stay in the game?
    • Not a Villain October 2010.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Mokepon
    • Creator/s : H0lyhandgrenade
    • He wants to be the very best! That no one ever was... uh, no. Scratch that. Adventures and friendship were never something that appealed to Atticus... Shame that it's a pokemon world he lives in, and so teenage boys living in Pallet Town are not expected to sit idly by. But the life of a hero is not one he's about to consider; too much hard work for little reward, and so instead he embarks on his quest not to become the greatest... But at least, the richest. Although the biggest challenge may be ignoring the adventures and friendships which may attempt to ensnare him along the way...
    • Mokepon.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Multiplex
    • Creator/s : Gordon McAlpin
    • Multiplex is a weekly, digitally-illustrated comic about the staff of the (fictional) Multiplex 10 Cinemas.
    • Multiplex.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Nerd3
    • Creator/s : Daniel Hardcastle
    • The comic is an epic sci-fi and fantasy adventure set across time and space. The visuals are shot in Minecraft.
      The blog has one major focus. Nerd interest. Whether it be TV, games or just some opinions, Nerd³ constantly updates with original article and links to the greatest, nerdiest sites around.
    • Nerd3.cbw (g1zm02k @ thread)

  • No Need For Bushido

  • No Rest for the Wicked
    • Creator/s : Andrea L. Peterson
    • One day, the Moon up and disappeared; where it went, or why, none can say. Without the Moon's light to keep them in check at night, monsters, crawling horrors, and other creatures of the dark run rampant throughout the land. But Princess November has much more pressing matters to worry about: she hasn't had a decent sleep in ages.
    • No Rest for the Wicked.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Oglaf

  • Orange marmalade
    • Creator/s : Written and illustrated by Seok Woo
    • Translation: Webtoon Live
    • The story of a female vampire trying to live a normal school life, but what will happen when she bites the school's most popular boy?
    • Orange marmalade.cbw (marinos35 @ thread)

  • The Order of the Stick
    • Creator/s : Rich Burlew
    • Taking place in a magical world that loosely operates by the rules of 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons, the comic follows the sometimes farcical exploits of six adventurers as they strive to save the world from an evil lich. Much of the comic's humor stems from these characters either being aware of the game rules that affect their lives or having anachronistic knowledge of modern culture, which in turn is often used by the author to parody various aspects of role-playing games and fantasy fiction. While primarily comedic in nature, The Order of the Stick features a continuing storyline serialized in one- to four-page episodes, with over 700 such episodes released so far.
    • The Order of the Stick.cbw (cYo @ thread) scraping issues
    • The Order of the Stick 01 of 1 2003.cbw (Symmetry @ thread)

  • Paradigm Shift
    • Creator/s : Dirk I. Tiede
    • Get ready to run.

      Kate McAllister was one of the best detectives in Chicago, until she developed a bad case of lycanthropy.

      Now she and her partner Mike are on the run to find the truth.
    • Paradigm Shift.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Peanuts
    • Creator/s : Charles M. Schulz
    • Peanuts is a syndicated daily and Sunday comic strip written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz, which ran from October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000 (the day after Schulz's death), continuing in reruns afterward. The strip is considered to be one of the most popular and influential in the history of the medium, with 17, 897 strips published in all, making it "arguably the longest story ever told by one human being", according to Professor Robert Thompson of Syracuse University. At its peak, Peanuts ran in over 2,600 newspapers, with a readership of 355 million in 75 countries, and was translated into 21 languages. It helped to cement the four-panel gag strip as the standard in the United States, and together with its merchandise earned Schulz more than $1 billion.[1] Reprints of the strip are still syndicated and run in many newspapers.
    • Peanuts.cbw (Stonepaw @ thread)
    • Peanuts_2010.cbw (cYo @ thread)

  • Penny Arcade
    • Creator/s : Written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik
    • Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture
    • Penny_Arcade_2010.cbw (cYo @ thread)

  • The Perry Bible Fellowship

  • The Phantom
    • Creator/s : Lee Falk
    • "Ghost Who Walks Will Never Die": The Phantom's First 400 Years.
      Before Batman, before The Shadow, before The Green Hornet, before The Lone Ranger, the comics' first masked mystery-man hero had long since been striking fear into the dark hearts of the wicked.

      Indeed, by the time the world-famous adventures of The Phantom were first recorded in print more than six decades ago, the grim champion of justice had already been around for nearly 400 years.
    • none (see thread)

  • Phoenix Requiem
    • Creator/s : Sarah Ellerton
    • The Phoenix Requiem is a Victorian-inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him. Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse - and deciding to make a new life for himself in the town - he is unable to escape the supernatural beings, both good and bad, that seem to follow him like shadows.
      As they try to discover why, the nurse must question her beliefs and risk her own life in order to protect her family, her friends, and those that she loves. Warning: Contains horror, violence, supernatural themes, drug use, and brief suggestive content. PG-13
    • The_Phoenix_Requiem_Volume_1.cbw (cYo @ thread)
    • The_Phoenix_Requiem_Volume_2.cbw (cYo @ thread)
    • The_Phoenix_Requiem_Volume_3.cbw (cYo @ thread)
    • The Phoenix Requiem 2011 Web Comic.zip (by chapter) (relatively_random @ thread)

  • Player Vs. Player

  • Power Out
    • Creator/s : Nathan Schreiber
    • Fourteen and friendless, Justin doesn't want to run away from his family - he wants them to run away from him. A massive, extended power out grants him his wish, but now Justin is forced to interact with a world he has always ignored. A dreamlike coming of age story, Power Out captures the exhilaration and terror of discovering how big the world is for the first time.
    • Power Out.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Radiant Ones
    • Creator/s : Nick Wirtz
    • The year is Ø74, almost three quarters of a century since the start of the Desolation; a war that consumed the Earth entire, leaving no civilization untouched. It is the dawn of a new age of industry, medicine and culture, as society struggles to continue in a world poisoned by warfare. It is a time of suffering, a time of uncertainty for the human race. It is a time when those who are great can become heroes.

      Two powerful geniuses—one a brilliant doctor, the other a driven prodigy—stand and face the challenges of the post-apocalypse in the City of Adamant. The Radiant Ones is a story of their children, growing up in the shadows of tremendous power and terrible pain; a story of scientific miracles and the strength of love in the triumph over grief.
    • The Radiant Ones.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Real Life Comics
    • Creator/s : Greg Dean
    • At it's core, Real Life Comics follows the exploits of a group of friends. Loosely based on real people. the comic has endeared itself to many and has helped prove that funny ideas and competent art direction are all you need to make a webcomic. Greg Dean updates regularly and the material is consistently very good.
    • Real Life.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Red Moon Rising
    • Creator/s : Rose Loughran
    • A steampunk fantasy where the lives of several seemingly unrelated people from opposite ends of the world are torn apart as the result of one careless action.
    • Red Moon Rising.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Roza
    • Creator/s : Kelly Hamilton
    • Roza has a strange talent: her blood can spontaneously combust. Well, alright, so it’s more like a curse.
      Roza and her possum sidekick, Nic, are searching for a cure. Their best hope? A pampered, petulant prince. This spoiled prince happens to be a horse, and the horse-prince is currently a captive of the Regent’s army. It’s up to Roza to sneak in and rescue him. However, finding the prince is the easy part…
    • Roza.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Sam and Fuzzy
    • Creator/s : Sam Logan
    • Follow the wild adventures of mild-mannered taxi cab driver Sam and his sadistic room-mate Fuzzy as they face untold peril in a world filled with cat-dinosaurs, demon-possessed fridges, punk gerbils, Mafia Ninjas, and Rikk Estoban.
    • Sam and Fuzzy.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

  • Scary Go Round
    • Creator/s : John Allison
    • Scary Go Round was a webcomic set in the fictional West Yorkshire[3] town of Tackleford, England, and written by John Allison. Scary Go Round was named one of the best webcomics of 2004 by The Webcomics Examiner. The Sunday Times describes it as "postmodern Brit horror" that is "subtle and stylishly drawn, with a bold cartoon edge".[4] The Morning Star has called it "brilliant, bonkers" and "the best British strip that I've yet found".[5] Scary Go Round won the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards in 2003 for Outstanding Original Digital Art, in 2005 and in 2007 for Outstanding Comic.
    • Scary Go Round.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • The Secret Knots
    • Creator/s : Juan Santapau
    • "Juan Santapau’s collection of short stories in comics form, THE SECRET KNOTS, is gently, sublimely mental. Quite, quite mad. Wonderful."
      - Warren Ellis
    • The Secret Knots.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Sequential Art
    • Creator/s : Phillip M Jackson
    • The series is a daily webcomic that tells a slice of life story. It has a cast of human and Anthropomorphic characters, and makes frequent references to video and computer game pop culture. It focuses on providing narrative through humour, either with imagery or dialogue. Each strip is commonly 3 or 4 panels in structure.
      The series focuses around four characters - Art (Arthur), a human illustrator and cartoonist; Kat (Kathleen) Vance, a female, Anthropomorphic cat photographer who wishes to become a professional; Pip McGraw, a male anthropomorphic penguin embodying many of the stereotypes of fanboy/geekdom, who makes a living buying and selling via EBuy; and Scarlet, a naive female anthropomorphic Squirrel, whose short attention span hides an exceptional intellect.
    • Sequential Art.cbw (damocles @ thread)
  • Sexy Losers
    • Creator/s : Hard Clay
    • Sexy Losers is a look into the lives of many individuals, each of whom has their own sexual fetish, quirk, or issue that needs to be resolved. It's a very funny look at the things sex creates and destroys.
    • Sexy Losers.cbw (cryosaur @ thread) nsfw

  • Sin Titulo

  • Sfeer Theory
    • Creator/s : Jayd Aït-Kaci & Alex Singer
    • Sfeer Theory is the biography of a semi-immortal wizard named Balzac whose duty is to uphold and guard an empire, by way of a magical version of Atlas. The Uitspan Era addresses the beginning of his livelihood, and the Uitspan Age addresses the possible end of it.
    • Sfeer Theory.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Slightly Damned
    • Creator/s : Chu
    • Rhea is a young Jakkai (an intelligent kangaroo-like species) who suddenly finds herself dead. The problem is her soul is neither good nor evil so death sends her to the ring of the slightly damned to live with Buwaro a happy-go-lucky fire demon and his anti-social sister. The two eventually escape hell and meet a young angel named Kieri who is looking for her brother. Rhea and Buwaro decide to help her.After much looking about it turns out that Buwaro and Kieri love eachother but as that there a demon and angle you can gess what happens...or can you?
    • Slightly Damned March 2004.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Stickman and Cube

  • Strawberry Death Cake
    • Creator/s : Elliott Dombo
    • Strawberry Death Cake is webcomic about Marylin, a demon hunter working for a secret organization called the Black Ministry that fights to protect the against the threat of Demons and other malicious paranormal entities such as ghosts, zombies and vampires.
    • Slightly Damned March 2004.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Supernormal Step
    • Creator/s : Michael Lunsford
    • Fiona was sucked into another dimension by two idiots who don't know how to send her back! Will she ever get home? does she even want to? and just who was she before all this happened?
    • Supernormal Step February 2009.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • This Modern World
    • Creator/s : Tom Tomorrow (real name Dan Perkins)
    • This Modern World is a weekly satirical comic strip by cartoonist and political commentator Tom Tomorrow (real name Dan Perkins) that covers current events from a liberal point of view. Tomorrow also runs a weblog that informs readers about stories of interest, often presented as a follow up to his cartoons. This Modern World appears mainly in alternative weekly newspapers.
    • This_Modern_World.cbw (Nyarlathotep @ thread)

  • Three Kingdoms Comic
    • Creator/s : Peng Guo
    • Peng Guo began his own webcomic in April 2003, after being inspired by Aido's webcomic, Fallen. By the way, Aido was Peng's old high school art classmate. Peng chose the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms as the parodical subject and used character designs of Koei's Sangokumusou Series, also known as Dynasty Warriors Series in North America.

      Peng came up with "San" as the title. The Chinese character of "Three" is pronounced, by Chinese and Japanese, as "San". The official title is San: Three Kingdoms Comic.
    • Three Kingdoms Comic.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Tinkers of the Wasteland
    • Creator/s : Raul Trevino
    • TINKERS of the Wasteland is a story based on a post-apocalyptic world where the disaster wasn't man-made. Meteorites fell down all around the planet destroying most of the important cities and their surroundings, (but this isn’t important at all...). Chickens are an important resource here, and all people want them at all cost. Mila and Splitter are gonna be involved in different adventures along the story to keep breathing and trying to survive among hostile people, shit, radioactive hazards, more shit, mutants and specially an eccentric gay leader of the enemy clan that’s a fucking bad-ass. Nobody knows how this’s gonna end, even the author himself.
    • Tinkers of the Wasteland December 2009.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Tiny Kitten Teeth
    • Creator/s : Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson
    • A handpainted comic that runs five days a week. It follows the adventures of Mewsli, a cat who has moved to a big college town.
    • Tiny Kitten Teeth.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Too Much Information

  • Trying Human
    • Creator/s : Emy Bitner
    • Rose discovers she is being abducted by aliens and eventually learns the biggest mystery of all: why it's happening.
    • Trying Human.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Twokinds
    • Creator/s : Tom Fischbach
    • Waking up without any memory of who he is, the human Trace Legacy soon finds himself in a battle between three races: the human, and catlike Keidran, and the doglike Basitin. Even as he begins to form a relationship with the Keidran Flora, Trace begins to realize what he once was: a Templar, one who kills Keidran.
    • Twokinds October 2003.cbw (Helmic & Symmetry @ thread)

  • Two Lumps
    • Creator/s : Written by Mel Hynes, illustrated by James L. Grant
    • A tri-weekly comic about two Russian Blue housecats name Ebenezer and Snooch. Hijinks ensue.
    • Two Lumps_2011-05-22.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Ulysses "Seen"
    • Creator/s : Adapted by Robert Berry from a Novel by James Joyce
    • Ulysses chronicles the passage of Leopold Bloom through Dublin during an ordinary day, 16 June 1904 (the day of Joyce's first date with his future wife, Nora Barnacle). The title alludes to Odysseus (Latinised into Ulysses), the hero of Homer's Odyssey, and establishes a series of parallels between characters and events in Homer's poem and Joyce's novel (e.g., the correspondence of Leopold Bloom to Odysseus, Molly Bloom to Penelope, and Stephen Dedalus to Telemachus). Joyce fans worldwide now celebrate 16 June as Bloomsday.
    • Ulysses_seen_1.cbw (cYo @ thread)

  • VG Cats
    • Creator/s : Scott Ramsoomair
    • This comic deals with the stupidities of some video games and the hilarious situations that ensue due to them. It also chronicles the life of two very bizarre cats in their daily adventures. All in all, a really funny read.
    • VG Cats.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Wapsi Square
    • Creator/s : Paul Taylor
    • Wapsi Square is a slice of life/fantasy webcomic set in modern Minneapolis, "a world almost exactly like the one you want to believe you live in." It also includes multiple supernatural elements, including a psychic and a god, which contrasts with its soap opera nature.[1] The name derives from the Wapsipinicon River.
    • wapsisquare.cbw (shoggi @ thread)

  • Wayfarers Moon
    • Creator/s : Leigh Kellogg
    • Wayfarer’s Moon is a high-fantasy online comic book set in the world of Lachryn. It follows the adventures of Iri and Lily, as they deal with a variety of threats, both large and small. Lachryn is not a typical fantasy world. While there are elves, humans, and many other ‘standard’ races, we are striving to make Lachryn a ‘real’ place, where people have faults, make mistakes, and where good and evil are really just shades of grey. The ‘Wayfarer’s Moon’ itself is a star with a fixed point in the sky, much like the ‘North Star.’ It is used by travelers to find their way.
    • Wayfarers Moon.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Wayward Sons: Legends
    • Creator/s : Benny R. Powell, Youjun Yang, Kun Song, Weilin Yang
    • Wayward Sons: Legends is an online & offline comic book that tells the backstory of the alien Ulympeans who influenced all myths on earth.
    • Wayward Sons - Legends.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • White Ninja

  • White Noise
    • Creator/s : Melinda "madsniper" Timpone
    • Aliens have invaded the earth and most of the humanity was wiped, entire citied leveled to ground zero, the atmosfere itself is just a fraction of what was before. Many years after the Aliens have gotten what they wanted from earth and left, we follow two people who are simply trying to survive in a world that hates the genetic horrors left by the aliens... and persevered by humans themselves.
    • White Noise.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Wizard of Id
    • Creator/s : Brant Parker and Johnny Hart
    • Beginning in 1964, the strip follows the antics of a large cast of characters in a shabby medieval kingdom called "Id". From time to time, the King refers to his subjects as "Idiots". (The title is a play on The Wizard of Oz, combined with the Freudian psychological term Id, which represents the instinctive and primal part of the human psyche.)
    • Wizard_Of_Id.cbw (600WPMPO @ thread)

  • Wondermark
    • Creator/s : David Malki
    • Nineteenth century woodcuts and engravings are arranged into a gag-a-day webcomic.
    • Wondermark.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Wooden Rose
    • Creator/s : written and illustrated by Tami Wicinas
    • A full-color fantasy graphic novel about love, loss and betrayal set in the Victorian Era. Inspiration drawn from Jane Austen and the Brothers Grimm. Updates Mondays.
    • Wooden Rose.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • [url=hhttp://www.thewotch.com/]The Wotch[/url]
    • Creator/s : Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson
    • A webcomic about the continuing adventures of a girl who got magic powers this one time at band camp, and her friends.
    • thewotch.cbw (Marmot @ thread)

  • xkcd
    • Creator/s : Randall Munroe
    • The comic's tagline describes it as "a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language."It has been recognized in such mainstream media as The Guardian and The New York Times.
      The subject matter of the comic varies, including statements on life and love (some love strips are simply art with poetry), and mathematical or scientific in-jokes. Some strips feature simple humor or pop-culture references. Although it has a cast of stick figures,] the comic occasionally features landscapes, intricate mathematical patterns such as fractals (for example, strip #17 "What If" shows an Apollonian gasket), or imitations of the style of other cartoonists (as during "Parody Week").
    • xkcd.cbw (Stonepaw @ thread)
    • xkcd.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Yosh!
    • Creator/s : Philip Brown
    • 10 years ago something very strange happened to the world... Some people suddenly changed into human/animal breeds like Cat-girls and Kitsunes. The number of know people to have transformed is rather slim on a world scale but the reason behind it's occurance is unknown... But Phil doesn't think about that much - He has to keep up with his school and bills and his addiction to anime... When worse comes to worse Phil has to find a roommate... Kate, a cat-girl, moves in and everything changes... Robot girls, ninjas, talking penguins, and demons... Will anyone ever find out what the heck is going on?
    • Yosh.cbw (Helmic @ thread)

  • Zahra's Paradise
    • Creator/s : Anonymous (see wikipedia)
    • Zahra's Paradise is a webcomic set in modern Iran. It has been described as a political webcomic dealing with real-time events. Its story follows a mother searching for her son, who disappeared in around the time of the Iran’s 2009 elections. Zahra's Paradise, published since early 2010, has received numerous positive reviews in mainstream press and blogs.
    • Zahras_Paradise-20100409.cbw (Stonepaw & Ludwig @ thread)

  • The Zombie Hunters
    • Creator/s : Jenny Romanchuk
    • The Zombie Hunters is a new look at an old theme.
      It is inspired by a post-apocalyptic vision of the future as well as past human history. This story follows a group of zombie hunters as they go though life as survivors of the undead outbreak. The characters reside on an artificial island, the former site of the Argus Research Campus. The hunters, like so many others on the island, are infected- they carry a dormant strain of the undead virus, which will cause them to turn into one of several different types of undead when they die.
      The infected are marked and segregated from the rest of the inhabitants on the island, making a living by working offshore in the wastes, hunting zombies and collecting salvage, trading their freedom for safety. As the story unfolds you'll find out more about the characters and their sordid pasts and discover hidden secrets about them, their world, and the people that surround them.
    • The_Zombie_Hunters.cbw (empty_other @ thread)
    • The Zombie Hunters.cbw (Helmic @ thread)
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