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TOPIC: [WebComicRequest] Lovecraft is Missing

[WebComicRequest] Lovecraft is Missing 6 years 10 months ago #17885

Hi all, I tried to take a stab at this myself but just couldn't wrap my head around it for some reason.
I'd be most appreciative if someone could do this one.
Mind your sanity though.

Lovecraft is Missing

Thank you.
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Re: [WebComicRequest] Lovecraft is Missing 6 years 10 months ago #17908

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I can see why you'd have so much trouble with it. Web comics pages that are broken up into multiple images confuse it: instead of displaying the entire page CR will display each individual image file. You technically still get all the content, but it's displayed very poorly.

I don't know how this would be fixed. I suppose CR's default behavior should be to arrange the images in order in a rectangle on the same page, but for some comics it would still need some general aspect ratio (perhaps included in the CBW?) to go by, and even then individual pages may need a manually added exception.

Perhaps the simpler solution is to just figure out how they're arranged on the webpage in the first place. If I remember correctly, CR tries to mimic IE when it comes to webpages; perhaps after figuring out what the image files are on a specific page, it could read the webpage and CSS data and use that to figure out their relative positions.

As for making CBW's in general, I should probably make a post explaining how I do it. Maybe I could con someone into making a script that does it automatically; THAT would be a great breakthrough.
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Re: [WebComicRequest] Lovecraft is Missing 6 years 10 months ago #17912

I've considered sending a message to the author about the wonky format on the page. Even reading it on the site in a web browser is clunky and tedious.
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