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TOPIC: [modified] Bad "Dresden Codak" file

[modified] Bad "Dresden Codak" file 2 years 4 months ago #47829

For trying out web comics I chose a couple CBW files from the pinned topic in this forum and... none of them worked.

So I kinda hacked at "Dresden Codak June 2005.cbw" and it's slowly downloading hundreds of comics now.

(I'm hoping it doesn't have to re-download the pages every time I open the file)

Suggestion for your wiki page on designing CBW files: my first couple passes failed because I assumed/hoped that the system would take the first group match (i.e. the first parenthesis). I know this is not the case now and it requires extensive use of both lookahead and lookbehind commands (first time I've ever used these before). I suspect there is also a typo (missing = ?) in your example (either that or the lookbehind syntax has changed)

Modified CBW file attached.
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