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TOPIC: Suggestions for better stacking using the dropdown menus

Suggestions for better stacking using the dropdown menus 6 years 3 months ago #22149

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First of all, the ability to have stacks within stacks is great for choosing what to read, and hopefully a form of it will make it into CRW some day.

These ideas are mostly based on how useful the current dropdown options seem to be, and which ones could be removed, added, or moved around.

I understand that some of the options already appear/disappear (depending on whether the comics have the fields filled out in their metadata) so I'll cover the ones that show up for me.

Grouping: The lists that appear at startup, and start with "grouped by"
  • All eComics - Very useful for different overviews. The New, Unread, and Synced lists all work how you'd expect them to, and are handy for any user.

  • Series - More useful if you only have a small number of series on your device, but it can be very long to scroll through the titles otherwise. Probably better for Stacking.

  • Story - If you use the ComicVine Scraper to fill out the "Alternate Series" field, this helps isolate just the comics that are involved in crossover events. If you use the Alternate Series field as a custom field for something else, it can also be handy, but that's up to individual use.

  • Publisher - Somewhat useful if you have the publishers and imprints properly scraped, so you can keep your DCs apart from your Marvels, but I wonder how many people use this as their default view?

  • Years - Not particularly useful for grouping, unless, for example, you want to see all your 2012 comics from different publishers and series at once.

  • Genre - Very useful if you fill out a genre for all your comics. This is currently my default view, so I can switch quickly from super heroics to humor or gritty crime and horror. I believe it only shows up if you have more than one genre on your device, which is perfect.

  • Writers/Artists - My main point for writing down these suggestions. These lists are usually sprawling and end up only having a handful of comics under each name. This might work if you read a lot of books by only a few creators, but the average user will probably never use this view on a regular basis. Removing it would make more room for other options, and there are several ways to get a similar list, for example:

  • Searches - I never used this option until today, but if you search for a creator's name, it creates and saves a list of the results here. It's almost like making a smartlist directly on your device, which could be emphasized more.
Stacking: The lists that appear when you select from one of the above

These options are much briefer, but I think that if some of the Grouping options were moved here instead, they would actually become much more useful.
  • Series - Very useful and probably the default for most users, although it can get a little confusing and cluttered if there are a lot of specials or spinoffs with only slightly different titles.

  • Story - Again, the Alternate Series can be great for isolating crossovers, but it also results in a giant "unknown" stack for any comics that don't have this field filled out.

  • Publisher - Seems more useful here than as a Grouping list, but still depends on your personal organization methods.

  • Published - Very useful if your Series overlap and you'd like to read them in the order they came out.

  • Filename - Probably only useful if you don't use CRW to sync, and manually maintain your comics folder instead.
Additions: These are based on the following explanation:
cYo wrote:
* Series Group is for grouping different titles like all the "x-men" spin offs (Amazing X-Men, Astonishing X-Men etc).
* Alternate Series is for cross overs and has it's own numbering
* Story Arc is for arcs in one series and therefore does not need it's own numbering (something like "Hush" for Batman 608-619)

That is at least how I implemented it :)
These new fields are very useful for organization, and I've added Series Groups to my entire library in CRW, but unfortunately this doesn't help in CRA.

It'd be great if Series Group, Story Arc, and Main Character/Team could replace some of the less useful options, such as Writer/Artist. They could only show up if they're filled out in the metadata, like Publisher/Genre. It'd be a good way to enhance functionality for users that need it, while simplifying the menus for those who don't.

So possibly the revised dropdown menus could look something like this, for people that have all the metadata fields filled out:

Group by
All eComics, Crossover, Story Arc, Genre, Series Group, Character, Year, Searches

Sort by
Unsorted, Series, Crossover, Story Arc, Series Group, Character, Year, Filename

Stack by
Series, Crossover, Story Arc, Series Group, Character, Year, Publisher, Writer, Artist

Thoughts? I'd like to see how other people use the stacking fields, to see if I've wildly underestimated the value of the Writer/Artist lists ;)
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