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TOPIC: Various bugs(?) in the Android version

Various bugs(?) in the Android version 6 years 11 months ago #17417

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I have scanned in some of my own comics and have cut the images to fit reading them on my Eee Pad in Landscape mode (with my keyboard attached).

Whenever I read a comic, the reader occasionally (appears to be every 4th page) switches to two-page mode, which results in a very thin strip in the middle of the screen - highly irritating. I can exit the comic and press "continue reading" and it will display the one page zoomed to fill the screen and I can then forward 4 additional pages before it goes wrong again. It *appears* that once I have "overridden" this two-page mode using the above mentioned approach, the reader remembers it and doesn't attempt to display this two-page combination again, but 4 pages down the road it does it again, until I do the exit/continue bit on those pages, and so on ad infinitum...

Is there a way to force it to NEVER try to fit two pages on the screen at the same time and ALWAYS fit the page to the screen size, ie. zooming in or out so that the entire page is visible in as large a size as possible (preserving the aspect ratio) and centered on the screen, adding borders left/right or top/bottom as appropriate? If not, I would very much request such an option!

Also, I would like an option to use stacks that match the directory structure I have on my SD card, and an option to sort by file name, since I organize my comics in appropriate folders and name them so that they come in the correct order, provided some program doesn't try to be smarter than me and thus sorts them wrong. Alternatively just a file name sort, and then I can use the "folder" setting on the left to see the various comic series I have, and have the comics in that series sorted correctly.
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