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TOPIC: Two(+)-Page Indicator?

Two(+)-Page Indicator? 6 years 9 months ago #17826

So, I initially set Auto-rotate on for 2-pages. The problem is that with my Galaxy Tab 10.1, the height of the screen really crams the spreads very tiny (if fit height is on... and it is, I don't want to be scrolling up and down as I try to read). So I tried putting on Locked to Portrait and animate scrolling. This works ok, but the problem is there's no indication that what I'm reading is a spread. For a page with a horizontal division, I read the upper-left quadrant than the lower left quadrant, then, when I scroll, I read the upper-right quadrant next, when I should have been reading the entire upper part, left-to-right, then the lower.

I think an indicator that there's more to the current page than I'm seeing would be useful. I'm thinking when you enter or scroll around a page that's wider than the screen (or you're otherwise not seeing the entire page), a little navigation insert of the entire page could appear with the part that you're on highlighted. That would indicate "hey, keep scrolling" :)
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