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TOPIC: Unzoom while button pressed feature.

Unzoom while button pressed feature. 2 years 9 months ago #45230

I'm using comic rack on my laptop, which means, touchpad instead of mouse. Zooming gets pretty annoying with the touchpad (move two fingers across pad, wait for it to zoom bit by bit, hope it doesn't zoom too far. etc). I do this every time I open a new book and it mostly works. However, sometimes I'd like a larger overview of the page, for example if there is just one big panel over the whole page, i.e. I'd like to unzoom. So instead of going through the tiresome process of pressing ctrl, moving two fingers, waiting for the book to unzoom, reading stuff, repeating the process to zoom in, I've figured out a solution to make this as painless as possible.

How it works:
user holds down button -> page unzooms fast to a preset zoom resolution
user releases button -> page zooms back to the same resolution and location as it was

Simple enough, right? I really hope this gets made, it would dramatically improve my experience.
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