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TOPIC: How to extract covers for wallpapers

How to extract covers for wallpapers 2 months 2 weeks ago #62522

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I don't even know if anyone reads this any more but I recently had a notion to do this, spent an afternoon or two figuring it out so I'm sharing.

For the longest time, my 3 monitors have been graced with a random slideshow of Who's Who and the OHotMU. I was bored with that so wondered how much work it would be to grab just covers and use those for a slideshow. Here's how I did it (I'm sure there's a more elegant way it could be done by a programmer):

Get Displayfusion (or any other program which will shuffle images for your wallpaper).

Get ReNamer Lite www.den4b.com

Make a directory, "working"

Copy (not paste!!) into it as many comic files as you want. More than 1500 though really slowed my system down on the next steps. So I've been doing them ni 1500 groups.

Ctrl+A and drag the cbz files into Renamer Lite.

Add Rule -> change extension to zip

Do it.

Repeat as needed for the .cbr files (I only use cbz personally)

Now, you've got a directory of 1,500 individual zipped files.

Select all, use 7-zip to "extract to /"

You should end up with 1,500 individual directories, one for each comic file. It'll take a while.

Make a new directory (NOT within the "working" directory above) titled: "Covers" (or whatever you want)

Now, you have several thousand jpgs in 1,500 directories. How do you extract the covers?

In the Windows search box for the Working directory, search for p0001.jpg, then paste into your /covers directory. That should (at least in my collection) get about 1/3 of the covers. Tell Windows to keep both files when it balks and says there are duplicate file names.

Search in the Windows search box for *fc* (that's an asterisk, then fc, then an asterisk). That should get many more, with a lot of false positives for inside front covers. Copy and paste into /Covers

Search in the windows search box for heritage (that gets a lot of golden age comics).

Search in the Windows search box for *cov* (for cover).

Search in the Windows search box for 00.j* (that's 00 period j asterisk)

Search in the Windows search box for *01.j*

These four or five search strings should get most of the covers. For the rest you'll have to do a search for .jpg and do it by eye.
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How to extract covers for wallpapers 2 months 2 weeks ago #62523

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There is a script for this... I don't remember the topic, but I found it in this forum and it works perfectly... You just select the comics in ComicRack and run the script from Automation. select a folder, and it ill extract all covers there...

Edit: Here I found the topic:


We should REALLY update the script library, there are SO MANY great scripts "hidden" in the forums that almost nobody know about...
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