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TOPIC: ComicRack for Mac? (Oooh, it rhymes heh)

ComicRack for Mac? (Oooh, it rhymes heh) 3 years 4 months ago #43124


So I just checked back some months after looking at ComicRack for the first time and... there still isn't a Mac version, so I created an account to try and ask if you could consider developing one?
There is YAC for Mac that also has an iPad and iPhone version, so I could use that and I'm currently evaluating it, but it seems a bit barebones compared to ComicRack and I'm a power user in almost any software, especially software that is supposed to catalogue and manage a collection.

Would love to hear back from the developers. :)


PS: I wasn't sure which sub-forum to post this in, so I went with the iOS forum since iOS is a derivative of OS X.
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ComicRack for Mac? (Oooh, it rhymes heh) 3 years 4 months ago #43126

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While a lot of us here would love to see ComicRack spread to OS X and Linux thereby taking over the world, the sad reality is that this is very unlikely to happen. ComicRack for Windows hasn't seen an update in over a year, the iOS version has laid dormant since March of 2014, and ComicRack for Android while seemingly in the best shape with it getting an update this past December it was really just bug-fix so it would work with Android 5.0.

The chances of a new platform being launched is extremely small, especially since it would probably be in the domain of the crios, the developer who released the iOS version. However, forum stats show he has been MIA since January.

If I were in your shoes, I'd start testing to see how well CR for Windows ran under Parallels and/or Boot Camp.
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ComicRack for Mac? (Oooh, it rhymes heh) 3 years 4 months ago #43127

Thank you for your reply, I wasn't aware ComicRack is in this unfortunate limbo.
I guess I'll steer clear then and build my library in YAC that still has active support, even though it's more barebones, but I don't want to invest time into a product that may be abandoned for all I know and break with future OS upgrades.

Too bad, you'd hope this obvious need for a decent comic solution would find more support, but ComicRack aside it doesn't look too rosy and even that, as you mentioned, is in development limbo.


PS: While I do have Bootcamp, my Windows really is just for games, everything else happens in OS X and iOS and I'll keep it that way. I don't like scattering my day-to-day applications around systems.
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