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TOPIC: What's the second best comic reader for iOS?

What's the second best comic reader for iOS? 1 year 5 months ago #48272

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Hello everyone, I often come to the ComicRack forum hoping to have good news on the update for IOS 11. Unfortunately, like most of you, I'm starting to forgetting this awesome software. I followed your recommendations on possible alternatives and I understood that there were alternatives but alas, with fewer options. So I took the time to try others apps and I think I have found a solution that suits me. I wanted to share this with you and to thank you for your wise advice. I have tested just about all the comics readers available on IOS.
The solution I found is completely free and it allows to do what many people wish, that is to say the synchronization of the lists and readings in progress. After a week of testing, it works pretty well. This works on iPhone and iPad at the same time. The another advantage is having your library online at all times.
I miss one thing compared to ComicRack Windows is to be able to manage my overall list of read comics.

Here's what I use:
Ubooquity version 2.1.1 on a server that works all the time with restricted access by a login and password.
-> OPDS feed enable
-> Protect share content with user account
-> vaemendis.net/ubooquity/

Using Ubooquity's built-in browser does not allow synchronization of books and current reads. That's why I've been looking for an application that's actually capable of doing it.
I found 2 apps :
-> Marvin3: itunes.apple.com/uk/app/marvin-3-ebook-a...er/id1086482858?mt=8
The reading interface is very nice but it does not open PDFs (CBR, CBZ OK). You also have to pay to remove a banner ad. (iPhone and iPad)
-> Kybook 2: itunes.apple.com/uk/app/kybook-2-ebook-reader/id1018584176?mt=8
(embedded purchases are not mandatory and do not bother) It works on iPhone and iPad . The interface is poorly designed and is not pleasant but it is almost entirely customizable with favorites. The reading interface is also set and scrolling playback is just perfect (other reading view haven’t cropping options like ComicRack). All current reading formats are supported.

So I use Kybook 2.You’ll have to set up the same parameters on your iPhone / iPad. This will allow you to access the same open book lists and reading lists automatically and instantly. The access is via your Internet (WAN) address but it works very well on the same network where your comics are because kybook is able to see that it is a LAN connection even if you indicated your WAN IP address.
First you have to set up your aDSL / fiber router to redirect the Ubooquity stream to your server/computer hosting Ubooquity. This is usually done on the configuration of your internet box. For example, redirect WAN external streams from port 2202 to the LAN IP address of your server, port 2202. (port 2202 Ubooquity for comics reading and 2203 for Ubooquity administration if you have enable it). You have to set your server to a fixed IP, for example so that it works all the time. You should already be able to access your Ubooquity server from the Internet or locally by entering the WAN IP address in your internet browser: "88.XXX.XX.XXX:2203" or LAN "http: //192.168. 1.10: 2203 »
Access via authentication is not necessary but strongly recommended. Depending on the IOS applications you use, you can enter your login/password in the apps. If this is not the case or if it doesn’t work, you will need to enter the WAN IP address of your OPDS server (ubooquity) as follows: "http://login:password@XX.XX.XX.XX.XX:2202/opds-comics/ »

Here is finally the setting of Kybook 2:
In “Libraries”, add a new OPDS catalog and enter the WAN IP address of your OPDS (Ubooquity) server in the search field: http://login:password@XX.XX.XX.XX.XX:2202/opds- comics/
Then validate and name your library. You should already see your lists of comics and download them. Each comic must be downloaded to be read unlike the Ubooquity native interface. (in practice, it worked badly for me)
In the synchronization settings, check all boxes to be active. This will synchronize in icloud all your current reads and comics that you will have downloaded.
Then in "while reading" you will be able to choose to disable some unnecessary fields in the display of comics. This parameter must be set for all formats (PDF, CBR, CBZ)
To read the comics, you have to go in "Books" then in "All books" for example and choose a comic. To quit a current book, click the left cross to close it and it will synchronize the state on icloud.
That's it. Then you can add favorites in Kybook to improve the interface and access your catalog and comics directly.
When you set up kybook 2 on another device, you will see your comics and the pages where you stopped in your readings. However, it will be necessary to download the comics. (it's automatic). The removal of comics does not seem to be synchronized. This solution works outside your local network (4G on iPhone for example) or at home (and very fast because Kybook detects that the OPDS server Ubooquity is the same).
I hope to have been clear. Do not hesitate to ask me if you want more information. If you have suggestions for improvement or a better solution, I will be grateful.
Sorry for my bad English and good reading ! :)
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What's the second best comic reader for iOS? 1 year 4 months ago #48359

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Thank you for taking time to write this! I have Ubooquity set up now and have tried two of the recommended apps in this thread: Chunky and KyBook. I like them both -

KyBook provides a great interface for navigating and reading, but I haven’t figured out how to download many books at once (for example a whole directory).

Chunky is a great reader but is very clunky navigating large directory structures. It does allow for downloading an entire sub directory which is a huge timesaver.

The only think missing from these solutions is lists / smartlists. My goodness I miss them!
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