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TOPIC: My feature wish list

My feature wish list 3 years 10 months ago #41377

Since Crios is back on the scene (yay!) I figured I'd re-sum my wish list. I realize some of this may need cooperation of the desktop app
-Include Published Date (aka Cover Date), Released Date and book file name in the info pop up
-Include Cover Date in the header
-In fact, the ability to customize the header would be brilliant (add/remove/reorder metadata, include options for most identifying metadata like series, title, published date, release date, added date, number, volume, publisher, imprint etc.)
-Pull Caption as currently configured the desktop app
-Option/button in reader to offset double page view by 1 page... sometimes I want to replicate a printed book's page layout but the same pages that are next to each other in the printed book are not next to each other in the 2-page view
-better syncing... still have a handful of books repeatedly re-sync despite no metadata/file changes. I can provide detailed testing info if needed
-syncing and replicating folders with expandable/collapsable views. if I have 20 lists in one folder in the desktop app, I'd like to be able to replicate that folder in CRIOS and collapse those lists under it
-A general paint job. obviously minor but it sure would be nice :). maybe the ability to implement user themes (colors, button options, custom backgrounds etc)?
-internet based sharing/syncing
-a special folder for "local file loads" via itunes, for easy management/clean-up

Thanks as always for your hard work!!!
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