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TOPIC: Batch File Renaming/Reording

Batch File Renaming/Reording 10 years 11 months ago #109

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Our great and wondrous benefactor, Cyo, mentioned that he'd like extra content from users to help other users, and I initially thought I didn't have anything to offer, but just realized I did - so, here goes (Cyo, feel free to copy or edit this wherever if you think it's helpful - and apologies in advance if everyone already knew this, feel free to delete if so).

How to Rename/Reorder Multiple Files -


1. You've got a hundred files all named in this format:

(1938-03) Grey Terror #1.rar (or zip)

It would take hours to rename each file to .cbr, plus when you import into ComicRack you'll get a title listing as \"1938\" instead of the real title.


Go to www.den4b.com/ and download and install Renamer.

- Run it, select the files you want to rename, and pick \"Add Rule\"

- in the Add Rule menu select Search/Replace (make sure 'extension' is checked or it will ignore extensions) and then tell it replace zip with cbz (or rar/cbr).

Ok, that was really easy, but you've still got a weirdly named file right? Your file is named:

(1938-03) Grey Terror #1.cbr

. . .and you want it to be named like this for when you put it in your ComicRack folder:

Grey Terror #1 (1938-03).

So, in ReNamer, add your files again, go back and create a new rule, and in the rules box select RegEx on the left. This stands for \"Regular Expression\" and probably means something to programmers. Me, I know only enough to be a danger to myself.

In the \"Expression\" box, type exactly this (there's a space between each one):

(.*) (.*) (.*) (.*)

and in the \"Replace\" box type this:

$2 $3 $4 $1

Notice there are four 'elements' to the file we're using (1=(1938-03), 2=Grey, 3=Terror, 4=#1, and so for four elements we used four of these: (.*)

Preview your files then hit \"Rename\" - it took me about a half second to rename 100 files! The first time I did this I almost cried because of all time I had wasted using the manual method.

Why/How does it work?

You're telling it (for our example)

(1938-03) Grey Terror #1.cbr equals:

$1= (1938-03)
$2= Grey
$3= Terror
$4= #1

. .then telling it to switch the order of those variables around to 2341.

Remember to count each 'element' of your file name and use the number of these doohickeys accordingly = (.*) Four is just an example.

Also note that with this method you can rename all your 3 element files, and then 4 element, then 5, but not all at the same time (unless someone smarter than me comes up with a nifty if/or statement)

Also remember that if you've already imported your file into ComicRack that none of this will work - fooling with the file name probably won't affect the Title, because the Title has been 'set' by ComicRack.
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Re:Batch File Renaming/Reording 10 years 11 months ago #112

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Thanks for sumbmission, exactly what i had in mind :)

I've added it to the new eComics section. Also I've made you to an editor so you can now submit new articles.
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Re:Batch File Renaming/Reording 10 years 11 months ago #113

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Very nice guide. I personally use Multi-Rename Tool from Total Commander for the same purpose.

It does the job well.

here's print screen:


link to download:

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Batch File Renaming/Reording 1 year 3 weeks ago #48231

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Batch Rename Files Tool is a simple enough process, but it can quickly become laborious if there are a large number to work through. If you have copied a number of files from computer it is likely that they have been automatically named numerically while this is useful to a certain extent you can easily found hier BatchRenameFiles.org. But it is not just renaming that can be achieved with ease. The program can also be used to changed file attributes and adjust timestamps en masse, saving you from having to manually edit a large number of files individually. The program is also useful for renaming folders filled with MP3s.
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