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about comicrack 9 years 8 months ago #2702

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i was using a combo winrar+xnview/brennig's image viewer for the past couple of years. the problem with this system is you have to decompress the files before reading them, especially when you run low on disk space. On the bright side, it's easily configurable and you can easily access to the reading style you want: in my case, only using the mouse to control my reading (same configuration with xnview and brennig's): mousewheel to switch between the pages and mousewheel click to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.
The problem with that is it became a habit.

I heard by some friends about your software, and i've been using it for the past 3 months now and i think i'll be going back to my old system.


Because of a few things that at first didn't bothered me but as the time was going by, started to itch me here and there. Like the heavyness of the application: sometimes i have to wait like 20 to 30s before changing pictures (and sometimes i have to go back because i though i didn't switched image. It's even worse when you try to go back a picture.
But what bother me the most is it seems that i'm unable to find a simple way to read pictures in full screen. Normal full screen mode is not a real one since you have the annoying tabs bar appearing in it (and you have to active the mini interface to remove the menu, "full screen" only mean "make the borders disappear", not "just display the picture in full screen without anything else"). The other way to get a "real" full screen is to use the "read in own window" mode and then double clicking on the window to put it in full screen.
But there is still a problem, since it's not a real full screen mode either, since there is still a small part of the picture not displayed:

The first one is comicrack, the second one being xnview. As you can see at the bottom of the picture, there is a part missing in the comicrack version and you have to scroll down to see it. While it does not matter in this picture, it often gets annoying when you have to scroll down to read some text. And no matter what settings you put for displaying a picture, this small part is always missing in the fullscreen mode (both modes i listed here).

Why can't i have a simple way to display a picture in fullscreen, zoomed to fit the screen? (the "fit to height" display option doesn't seems to work in the fullscreen mode, or this fullscreen mode act as if a part of the window is reserved to the tabs (the part missing is roughly the size of the tabs))

That's why i'll go back to unzip and use my old picture viewing programs. And it's sad, because i'll miss the history function (the way you can pick up where you left). But the time i'll lose unzipping an archive, i'll regain it easily:
-with xnview/brennig's: right click/unzip in folder, double click on the folder, double click on the picture to open it, middleclick to put it in full screen and mousewheel to scroll between the files.
-with comicrack: doubleclick on the archive, click on "read on own window", double click on the picture, mousewheel to scroll between the pictures (with occasional swap time between the scrolls, and occasional scroll down the window to read a text).

My suggestions: a light version (or option to disable them) without the mandatory tabs (library/folder/pages) and fix the false fullscreen option (it's useless to have a "fit the height" option if you have to scroll up and down the window to see the whole picture). So that hit and run users like me can freely use this program. (by hit and run i mean people that download an archive, read it and then erase it)
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Re:about comicrack 9 years 8 months ago #2704

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I don't like the full-screen that isn't full-screen view either. I would like that to be fixed at some point.

Given how you describe your eComic reading activity, I really think ComicRack is overkill for you. Even this imagined "lite-version" would seem slow to you. You are used to the responsiveness of an application designed to view images in folders.

Seems this is just another way to ask that ComicRack be something other than an eComic reader.
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Re:about comicrack 9 years 8 months ago #2705

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overkill seems to be the word, yes. i was looking for a program that allow me to watch pictures in an archive without decompressing it, and it was the closest thing to what i was looking for. But as soon as i have the courage to sort off the stuff i keep, and as soon as the not so full screen mode is fixed, i'll use comicrack.
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Re:about comicrack 9 years 8 months ago #2706

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There are other pieces of software, the most well-known probably being CDisplay, that are designed to be streamlined interfaces for doing nothing but viewing images from inside archives on the fly. ComicRack is, as I think cyo's said, supposed to be more like the iTunes of archived image viewers. You don't install iTunes if all you're going to do is listen to CDs, you install VLC!

Sorry you don't like ComicRack, but it just seems like it isn't meant for your type of usage.
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Re:about comicrack 9 years 8 months ago #2713

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Hey there,
as you can see everything is fine (v. 0.9.100). You most probably need to get to know the software -- I don't mean this derogatorily.

Here is my Config.xml
go to
rename the one there already is, in case you don't like mine.
I solely read with the keyboard (faster and much more customized reading). You might want to take a quick look at the keys' assignment. Ctrl+F6
But it is oriented towards reading with WASD.

Trust me, there is no easier and better way to read comics or even look at normal images (within .cbr, .cbz, .cbt, cb7) than with ComicRack (even if your files just reside temporarily on your hard disk [assuming you zoom a lot]).
Once you know how to use ComicRack properly - I would even bet - you will have no desire to switch.

But AFAI can tell the problem is you told ComicRack to adjust the images to their width.

Umm, if you need help with my config, just ask.
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Re:about comicrack 9 years 8 months ago #2773

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You can try Maxview by FastStone. Its light and fast.

Comicrack definitely comes into its element once you have a large variety of stuff on your computer from different witters and series. I also use it to organize my magazines as well.
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