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TOPIC: Some ideas about this site

Some ideas about this site 9 years 5 months ago #3027

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Every year or so I think to myself that maybe this site could become a little more.
With now ~ 2000 registered forum users and about 20000 unique visitors each month, it would be cool to extend the content and options of this site.

Some ideas:

* Download section for scripts.
Maybe some volunteer can be found that puts the scripts that are useful from the forum into the download section and keeps an eye on the latest versions.

* Extending the user forum with sections to discuss comics and other stuff comic aficionados like to talk about. Some forum moderator(s) would be needed with ideas and time :)

* I think there are a lot of comic experts here. ComicRack is the ideal tool to collect and categorize stuff. I could add a section to the site where people with something to say could post articles about comics/series/history etc. Tell the world about all the stuff you know :)

* A section for Comic News.

I'm very interested in any feedback.
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 5 months ago #3040

  • Drybonz
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Sounds awesome... I would love to see a download section for scripts and it would be very cool if it could somehow tie in with ComicRack. What I am thinking of is functionality similar to downloading addons for Firefox. You would go to the page, read a review of the script, then click an "add to ComicRack" button, then you would have the script installed in Firefox.

Probably a ton of work, but I am just thinking aloud.
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 5 months ago #3045

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Concerning the scripts download section, I think that it'd be a great way to centralize everything concerning CR around one simple page (and easier for the scripters as well). You could do the same thing you did with the languages page, which is giving modifying rights only to those writing/updating them.

For the forum subsections, it'd be a lil' trickier since you should first add language sections, then comic type sections in each of them (or at least english since, let's face it, it's going to be the one mostly used :p ).

About the comic experts, I'm not one so I'll let them express themselves ;).

And, for the comic news, there's so much of them, I hope you have a lot of free time or a lot of people to post them :p.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. And, as always, thanks for this little magical piece of code that is CR B)
Working on re-uploading the FR manuals.
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 5 months ago #3047

  • Dep
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I think these are some great ideas cyo and I look forward to seeing the changes implemented on the website as this progresses. I'll definitely stop in and check out the new sections as they are made and people start adding content to them. Maybe i'll even make a post that isn't totally a selfish one (as I usually do here). Still having a section for downloading scripts will make it easier to see what scripts have been made. And having an area of the forums that is specifically for history and data sharing interests me also. I think that could turn into a very usefull part of the site for alot of users (like me, man i'm a selfish basta). I would bet something like that would also bring in more users that don't already use comicrack as their reader and could be a great jumping off point to get them interested in your program.
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 5 months ago #3065

  • garrion
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a step by step tutorial on how to use the libary and different ways to get the full benifit would be good as im still in the dark :(

and yes i posted in help
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 5 months ago #3139

  • Benjiro
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Just a quick idea.

Ability to upload the metatag info for your comics to the site ( database ). And the ability in comicrack to recognize ( md5 checksom or something on the jpegs ), or manual fetch other people's metatag into your comics.

I said quick idea, not fast or easy to implement ;)
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 4 months ago #3297

  • Ludwig
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What about?

News, but with an edge.
Not that issue xxx of Batman is in the shelves.
Would lead to piles of info. And we still have a trio (European, Manga and Comic).
Information that is rare and can lead to reactions would be my bet.

That on 13/3/9 a comic of Tintin was sold for 372.000,00 EUR in Paris.
That there is a motion comic (not the movie) of Watchmen.
That there are comiclike movies such as Persepolis, Renaissance, Waltz with Bashir.
That Kindersurprise gave little figurines of Asterix (great for the kids or collectors.. but you have to know it.)

Easter eggs (clins d’oeil / knipoogjes) with an edge.
Fe a comicartist that turns up as a character in the comic (a bit like Hitchcock did in his films). Not Batman that leans on a car in a panel of a Wolverine comic (that’s too obvious). I know it's done in Europe..

Comics that rocked the year in ones country.
If it wasn’t for a Japanese acquaintance I would not have heard about Vinland Saga. The same with Age of Bronze, a tip from a US citizen (bought some on my trip and via Shanower’s site).

A comic that you want to inform about.

What kicks in ones country.
Just out of curiosity. There are series that never leave the country of origin.
Like Nero (Belgium), Abrafaxe (Germany), Vinland Saga (Japan),..
Not that it’s automatically topnotch. Short discription, why is it popular.. (no scans or pictures though!!)
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Re:Some ideas about this site 9 years 3 months ago #3409

  • quidam
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Download section for Scripts is definitely good idea. Forum topics for scripts are a little messy so it would help. Short description, date, link to latest version and link to forum topic. This would clear things out for new users.

As for new categories on forum that's not bad too. There are plenty other communities on the web for this but it won't do much harm having one here. ;]

Wath's important is to not overload Forum with new (and empty) Categories. Starting with two would be more than enough:
1. Random Comic-related Discussion
2. Random Off-topic Board
and let users decide what they want to talk about there.

News section - close to impossible. It requires dedicated staff to maintain.
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