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Comic Depository 3 years 1 month ago #45659

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Is it possible to create a smart list for a folder (!Depository!) that is not part of the library? My goal is to have a folder where I can dump stuff for later processing. (scraping, library/data organizing and whatnot.)

Ideally the contents of this folder wouldn't show up in the library until library organizer places the files.

Actually...now that I think of it it prolly isn't that important that the files not show in the library before processing. I know how to do that. I'm sure you guys have well thought out systems for this stuff.
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Comic Depository 3 years 1 month ago #45660

  • Xelloss
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Not that I know of... but what I do is to load all my smart lists for completed books from a big smart list (instead of the whole library as a start) where the comics are already "checked" (with some rule that define the comic to be ready, in my case it is a list of rules such us comicvine notes, series completed, etc)

That way you can make your "library" a sub group of the comicrack library, and do the previous work of your books outside this sub group...

In words of my Topology Teachers: "Don't try to work outside your universe, make what you call your universe a part of a bigger universe... and work there"

note: Indeed what I do is to have a very large smart list group with a lot of "steps", every time a comics complete each step (for example scrapped by comicvine), it is shown in the next step smart list... and when every step is completed, THEN the comics are shown in my "reading smart lists" (in other folders), as these smart list take as a start the last step smart list

edit: Have you tried working with your comics outside your library in the folder tab instead of the Library Tab... I never edited comics not in my library, but the folder tab does show comics not in your library which you can work with.... - although I don't know where does the program would keep the data -
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Comic Depository 3 years 1 month ago #45664

  • jkthemac
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Sounds possible. All you would need is a smart list that focuses on the beginning of the File Path, and make sue any other smart lists you use for organisation filter out the same file path.

Hiding from the library would not be possible if you are specifically adding them to the library.

What I have is a folder that I view only in Folders view and don't add to the library until I have performed basic tasks like scraping, exporting to CBR.
I also have a smart list that only shows files in that folder so that as soon as I add those files they show up there ready for tasks like Data Manager / Library Organiser.

For an example workflow see 600WPMPO's excellent Organizer PDFs (Page 18 of 1st ed) in the tutorials forum.

(I don't follow this, but for a beginner it has lots of very useful info in how CR works and ways to think about it.)
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