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TOPIC: Adventures of a n00b

Adventures of a n00b 11 months 3 weeks ago #48378

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alb123 wrote:
Ahhh yes.. I have encountered 1.MU and 1.AU. I'm going to try those lists that the Organizer script comes with.

I learned a very valuable lesson - n00bs take notice - be careful with how many .CBR files you try to rename at once (in one batch). If you select too many, you will return to your computer and see a Windows dialogue box stating memory is dangerously low and programs need to be closed. Explorer.exe will be using Gigabytes of RAM - you'll need to kill Explorer.exe and Run a new Explorer.exe task once you close any background running programs. EDIT: Remember to empty your Recycle Bin after each batch or two of .CBR to .CBZ conversions. Each file it "converts" has its .CBR copy dumped into the Recycle Bin, so it fills fast!

I'm in a bit of a pickle. Every single comic that I have sits on my File Server/HTPC/Torrent Box "Pinky". I installed Comic Rack on my laptop, which is my main computer. Ideally, I was hoping to have Pinky contain the main database of comics, just in case I decide one day that I'd like to start running Comic Rack on my Desktop Computer (Computer #3) or from any of several Android devices in the house.

I'm currently running JRiver for the Home Theater PC, but I also have JRiver on the laptop and desktop computers. Each computer/Tablet has it's DB file, but JRiver is clever and it keeps track of syncing - the database on Pinky is boss. Any changes I do to it from my laptop or desktop front end will end up on all computers. Question: Is it better to have 1 main ComicRack Database central to all household PC's and Tablets? Or, do you recommend that each device has their own ComicRack database?

Comicrack isn't really designed to have a shared DB between multiple PC instances.

Now on the android devices, you just want to load comicrack for android and it can sync to the main copy of CR.

The only real easy way to have the DB on Pinky is if Pinky can be a SQL server and you can configure CR to use SQL (that is how I have mine setup with my NAS being my SQL server). This works better then the flat DB file but there is still some data stored locally like smartlist setups and the like. cyo was in the process I beleive of moving to a full SQL setup but it was never completed. That being said, I am not sure what would happen if you had two copies of CR trying to access the same SQL DB. Never tried it. However if you did decide to move form the laptop to the desktop, you would still be able to use the same SQL DB. It really is a better way to go performance wise too so if you can support the SQL DB I would suggest that route.

Best way to use multiple computers for CR would be to have one be master and the other machine can access the main machine as a "remote library". or what I do is only have CR loaded on my main desktop and if I want to do something with it just use teamviewer to access my desktop and then I use CRios on my tablet which syncs to the desktop.
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Adventures of a n00b 11 months 2 weeks ago #48477

  • alb123
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Thank you once again, @krandor.

I think I'm going to take your advice and use ComicRack on my file server Pinky. That is where all the actual files reside, so it makes sense. Then I can either use ComicRack on my laptop by connecting to Pinky's "Remote Database". or use rAdmin to view the comics in ComicRack on Pinky. Sweet...This is good to know. I wish I knew SQL. :(

Newbie Lesson Learned today 11/2/2017
I am going through my comics that are scattered among many different folders. I'll get those sorted once I finish step 1 which is to Export all my CBR comics into CBZ comics. This is a dreadfully slow process, but it is what it is. I try and keep an eye on the Export process so I can empty the Recycle Bin from time to time so I don't run out of system memory as well as enormous usage of HDD space.

Every now and then I get an error or two after trying to convert/export, let's say 200 CBR files to CBZ. 198 are now CBZ files like I want, but there are 2 pesky files that Errored out. I look at the entry in ComicRack and I see that it wasn't able to pull a thumbnail for that CBR, it shows a "-" in the field for number of pages and if I double-click on it, it won't into the ComicBook reader window. I figured some of my files must be screwed up some how...not the end of the world, but it's going to suck when I get to that book and find out I forgot to manually seek a working copy of the CBR.

All is not lost, actually. I will open the problem .CBR files folder location. I right-click on the file and hit Extract into it's own folder on my 7-zip context menu and all of a sudden I'm now looking at a folder full of perfect quality JPGs! :cheer: I select all of the new JPG files and I use 7-zip to create a .zip file with the default name. Then, I rename the file's extension from .zip to .cbz and ba-boom! It's a perfectly working comic book again!

Why did this CBR refuse to behave among the hundreds of files from the same series that Exported to .CBZ with no issues at all? Beats me...All I know is, I don't need to replace that issue anymore and it's in the .CBZ format which is what I wanted in the first place. :cheer: ;)
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