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Few questions: 8 years 10 months ago #4197

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- Is there a way to store the rating tag into the file? I'm storing most of my collection in external drive and sometimes I change the computer I use. I kinda would like to work on those tags on any computer. Making backups would also be nicer this way.

- If I tag my entire comic collection should I prefer 7z or zip as compression method? Which is faster / more powerful?

- Is there a feature to auto-delete all non-image files such as thumbs.db and readme.nfo?

- What did the optimize do during install?

- Also which of the data gets "deleted" when ie. e-mailing a cbz? exhept rating, date added?
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Re:Few questions: 8 years 10 months ago #4229

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I could be wrong, but I don't believe that there is a current way to store the rating tag into the file. However, I think a somewhat simple script could be written to take the Rating value for each book and create a Rating note in the Notes field which could then be stored in the XML data file embedded within the eComic file (as long as the eComic file is in the CBZ format; as of version 9.106 cYo has allowed ComicRack to write XML data to the CBT format as well, but I personally perfer the CBZ format). This would allow you to move your eComic files around from computer to computer and then the same script could pull the Rating note from each book's Notes field and re-populate the Rating field. Not sure if this would work since I haven't tried this, but in theory, it should work!

If no one else ends up writing this script, I will attempt to try and create it myself as some point in the near future.

As I said before, I perfer my collection to be in the CBZ format since it's based on the open sourse ZIP format, which allows for greater flexibility and compatibility with other apps. But cYo has also updated ComicRack to write the XML data of ComicRack to CBT files as well as CBZ files so you could test both formats out and figure which works best for you and your system.

I also don't think there is a feature yet to auto-delete all non-image files from the eComic file. I believe a script could also handle this task, but I would make sure that care is taken to not delete the embedded XML data file that ComicRack creates within CBZ & CBT files to store database info about eComic. This would also be a great script for someone in the community to write. Again, I may try if no one else has already done so by then.

Not quite sure what you meant by what did the optimize do during install, but if you're referring to how ComicRack optimizes scripts when it is opened, it preloads and compiles all scripts you have located in your local script folder so that they'll run much faster on execution.

Fields that I know are not stored in the XML data file within CBZ & CBT files are, Tags and Rating as well as database specific info such as when the file was first imported/loaded into ComicRack.

I hope that clears some things up for you.

Onyx X aka SoundWave
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Re:Few questions: 8 years 10 months ago #4230

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  • If your destination drive is configured to use NTFS, you'll retain the alternate data streams in which the volatile tags are found when you update the entries in ComicRack. However, many of the name brand consumer grade NFS drives (e.g. Maxtor One-Touch) can NOT be formatted to use NTFS.
  • I prefer zip (cbz) for many of the same reasons oraclexview mentioned.
  • Use the export feature and the Convert to CBZ preset. Non-image files will not be exported to the new eComic. The only disadvantage is that the original internal names of the files are not retained.
  • That sets the cache sizes based on your system specs. For a look at what settings were used, check Preferences under Advanced and scroll down.
  • Open a CBZ eComic with a ComicInfo.xml file and extract it. Any fields in the ComicRack info dialog without a corresponding tag in the XML will not be retained upon transfer to a non-NTFS file format.
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