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How I use ComicRack 10 years 7 months ago #895

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Okay, wanted to tell you I'm liking ComicRack more and more, more I use it the more I like it. But thought it might be useful for you to hear how I'm using it (Mis-using it?) maybe it's a clue on what more you can do with ComicRack ... or maybe not, maybe an idea for developing a side application? I'm not sure.

First off there's sort of a nice competition for viewers for ecomics going on lately. There's some really sweet viewers out there now. CdDisplay, 11view ... time was in the Windows 98 evironment you NEEDED a viewer badly, some went with Irfanview, some ACDee ... and a few others OneCat, Torayama World's Manga Viewer, etc. etc. ... but the thing was the Comics were rar'd or Zipped when you downloaded them but you had to unzip them and find some program you could read a folder of jpegs from. Over YEARS of comic scan downloading I've gotten scores of CDroms full of folders of jpegs. But then someone got the idea why unzip or unrar them? Get a viewer that'll sort of internally unpack and you can view the contents, with one zip or rar file as the entire comic. I was still resistant to the idea of a viewer that ONLY does them still zipped or rar'd when I got ComicRack.

Just before I got ComicRack I got a Comicbook database that was designed to only catalog your comics, real world comics not ecomics, but it did it graphically, it could display your collection with scanned thumbnails ... I jumped on that but the labor of doing the entire scores of Jpegs, even as just the covers, seemed excessive ... instead how about just a database that's 5x10x3 ... that's generically what the old comic book spinner racks held! I've seen them with five faces of racks, with ten "pockets" down each face ... and knowing comics old publishing routine (comics are dated three months ahead for when they're to be taken off the stands) and remembering digging for old comics behind the new ones on the front of a "pocket" ... I knew comics in a pocket could be as much as three months old. SO!! That's 150 comics, with a accent on 50 titles three deep. That became my new way of choosing my ecomics ... which I would then turn around to load up in CdDisplay usually.

Well, with ComicRack after the effort of stocking a folder on my hardrive with zips of the comics from out of my mountains of CD's I want in the rack (not as bad a first step as I feared) they are there to click on and read IMMEDIATELY. Not bad.

My urge for simulation being still active, I go to the filled ComicRack and make a folder in the library I call "Buys", one everytime I do a virtual "Buy". I don't know about you but in my bad old days, even when comics were rediculously cheap compared to today, (and spinner racks seemingly EVERYWHERE) I often had to choose TWO comics to buy that week (usually taken out of my food budget after skimping on eating as a young student) With ComicRack I drag and drop two selected comics into my Buy file and that's what I'm currently working on reading ... tho' old and comparatively richer and this being virtual I do "buys" whenever I need to, whenever I feel the urge. Still, it feels right to do it this way.

I have only some very minor quibbles with the program. You have some page color adjustments. They work, I've used them sucessfully, but they seem a little dumbed down and a bit tricky to get "just right", CdDisplay's got Yellow color adjustments that are broken down into component colors which I think is a more agressive approach, and adjustment for gamma that comes in handy when new non-yellow comics seem overwelmingly color rendered or dark. That's not a deal breaker but would love to have both worlds in one. Likewise, I have a quirk of preferring to read Manga western direction, which means flopping the page horizontally and even reading the text backwards if I have to, 11c and Irfanview can do this, but I don't see that ComicRack can, it can walk the page backwards, if I understand what you're doing with your manga controls, but would love to see the ability to actually flop it horizontally.

As of now there are still a lot of controls here that I don't know how to use or what to do with but maybe it'll come to me later.

Keep up the good work. Love what all the bright young programmers are doing for comics. Maybe you're right, it's founding a new format here that people will publish in. From links I see some are already trying it. I hope it works.

J. Nemec
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