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TOPIC: Frames/Panel scrolling and customization

Frames/Panel scrolling and customization 3 years 11 months ago #40050

Hello everybody,
You'll have to forgive me if this has been asked before or if it's in the manual (which I'm having a hard time loading right now for some reason), but I did search for a good while before I decided to come here and ask. Not sure if this is a request for help or a feature request. Hopefully it's the former.

I recently downloaded some old comics online. The pages were in jpegs, but the uploader did have the foresight to separate them into .zip archives - yay! So, I just changed the file extensions from zip to cbr. As I was enjoying my new old comics it occurred to me that it would be great to be able to edit these and any comic really so that I could scroll through it row by row or panel by panel.

What I mean is: some pages have three rows of panels. Others might have two with taller panels. I know that I can "fit to page" (too small for my PC screen or for my tablet for that matter) or "fit to width" which is much better but usually divides the page in two parts: top and bottom. I press "home" on my keyboard and it takes me to the top half, "End" takes me to the bottom half. Cool, except when some panels are slightly larger height-wise than exactly 50% of the page. So, then I have to manually drag up and down.

Is there any way I can define the borders of the rows and panels and embed that info into the files so that future readers will have exactly what needs to be seen fit to the screen? This would require some customization per page, of course, and "splash pages" or non-traditional panels would get custom treatment of course. Ultimately, it's not for me, but I would like to make the reading experience better for future readers.

Any advice?
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Frames/Panel scrolling and customization 3 years 11 months ago #40051

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It sounds like you are looking for the "guided view" functionality that is found with Comixology. In the past I have known of people who wanted to work out how to do this per comic, but the end result would be that someone would have to go, panel by panel, page by page, and set up the parameters for the comic, and have a program within ComicRack (or any reader) which could parse that information correctly.

To do one comic would take hours, which is why the "guided view" option within Comixology is the great value they add when you purchase from them. They pay people to do this full-time job, and I don't think that many people would volunteer to do it for the older comics you are describing, even if the program to guide the reader existed.

On a side note, you may run into problems renaming your .zip files ".cbr." Zip files should be named .cbz to help programs recognize the comic correctly. There are some readers and Windows shell extensions which have problems when a zip file is renamed .cbr (which is actually a Rar file, not a zip file).
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Frames/Panel scrolling and customization 3 years 11 months ago #40052

Thank you for the response. The cbr seems to be working fine. I'll keep a lookout if there are any glitches.

I assumed the work would be a panel-by-panel job. I am of course willing to do the conversion myself if it were something as simple as dragging a square or click and point on the 4 corners of the panel and perhaps link them to a row. And really it should be no more complicated than this. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to volunteer as I am to do this. After all, people do take the time to scan every page and create CBRs. One comic is about 15-20 pages at most. 9-12 panels per page. Not all that much work. That is why we're an open source community after all.
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Frames/Panel scrolling and customization 3 years 11 months ago #40053

I was not aware of Comixology or Guided View, but from what I've just seen it's a lot more complicated than what I'm asking for here. Really, I just mean automatic scrolling that goes up or down "just so much" when you press the End or Page Down key. It would also zoom into the panel if you're viewing panel by panel.

But heck, if I could just get it to go row by row, it would be a huge improvement.
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