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TOPIC: Adding and removing pages after scraping and organising

Adding and removing pages after scraping and organising 1 year 3 weeks ago #49371

As I mentioned in the introduction thread, I am in the process of scanning my own (rather large) collection and organising it with comic rack.

Recently however, it occurred to me that I could save some time and space by NOT scanning whole issues of variant covers, just scanning the covers themselves, and placing them in the .cbz archive. Similarly, I could remove advert pages, and save myself some space.

My question is this though: How straightforward is this process? I seem to remember trying something similar a while back and having trouble opening the omic to correct pages. So, what would I have to do? Insert/remove the pages and rescrape? Or would I need to manually edit the xml file in the .cbz.

I sincerely apologise if this question has been asked before...I did search, but couldn't find anything specifically referencing my problem, and I would really prefer not to start from scratch with archiving jpegs and batch renaming things.

Any advice most appreciated.
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Adding and removing pages after scraping and organising 1 year 3 weeks ago #49382

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IMHO, removing the advertisements isn't really worth the space savings. You'll spend significantly more time doing it than you would spend working really any job to buy more storage space to save them to. By orders of magnitude. If you're not scanning them in the first place that's a different matter altogether.

To add add'l covers with ComicRack you bring the cover into ComicRack separately from the main file. Then select both/all files, right-click -> export -> combine. All files will become one, which you can then edit to put them in the correct order. It seems to take the info of whichever book is on top or to the left in the library view I started with, including metadata, filename, etc.

To edit you right-click the file and choose info. There's a pages tab where you can reorder pages, set the page type, and do a few other things. Setting page type to delete allows for you to tell ComicRack to not include those types of pages when you do an export, which would work for advertisements. The shortcuts to send to top and send to bottom are great for moving covers around. I then export to cbz one more time to 'set' the page order if I moved them or set any to delete. It's a bit of a PITA but it works. And once you've got your workflow sorted it's not a big deal, but the time it takes CR to parse the image files makes it slower to go through this than you might expect.

Hmmmm, looks like Combine Books is a custom export I created a long time ago. To create a custom export you right click on a book then under export select Export Books... which opens an export editor.

Export Location
Export To: Same Folder and replace in Library
Combine all selected Files only option checked
File Naming
Template: Filename

File Format
Format: eComic (ZIP) (*.cbz)
Compression: None Embed Book Info checked
Include Pages: blank
Remove Pages: Deleted

Page Format
Format: Preserve Original
Resize Pages: Preserve Original
Double Pages: Keep
Nothing checked

Image Processing:
Source: Book Settings Are applied
Automatic Contrast Enhancement not checked

Then click Save... on the left and name your export. You can play with those options as you see fit. But work on duplicate files or something as you play around. They may not function in the way you expect them to and you might inadvertently delete or overwrite something you wanted to keep.

As you've noted the files are just zip or rar files (with a few other types thrown in for good measure) so you can also manually edit them with any application that will allow you to add files to a zip file. Probably not the cbr as the ability to write to rar files requires paying a license fee. But then, yes, you would need to edit the internal xml file. ComicRack might do a new parse of the files and update the xml for you if you open the Pages tab in the info panel.
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