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TOPIC: re issue with windows 10 parallel & mac sierra

re issue with windows 10 parallel & mac sierra 7 months 3 weeks ago #49724

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just installed windows 10 parallel on my mac.
put comicrack on windows parallel.
dragged cbr/cbz comics from mac to windows.
when i move comics they cbr or cbz on mac (red or orange zip icon) on windows they have comicrack icon
i shrunk my comics as cbz then dragged them back to mac desktop & icons come as comicrack icons (instead of red cbz zip mac icon) but with 2 red lines running down icon .
if i look at comics in mac properties they say they cbz & show as red zip photo like usual but icon still comicrack with 2 red lines running down.
on these ones (that i dragged to parallels) it doesnt matter what folder i move them to in mac they still comicrack icons...but dragging them to a usb stick they change to normal mac red cbz zip icon & if drag those files via usb stick back to the mac they stay as the red cbz zip icons when i put on desktop but if i move them to any folder they convert back to comicrack icons...and those one convert back to normal red cbz zip icons if back to desktop.
i then tried sending (cut/paste and copy/paste) shrunk comics with comicrack icons from windows parallel via file explorer in windows & went to mac drive then (mac) desktop...now files changed back to red cbz icons in mac like normal...but if i move those files to any folder in mac they convert back to comicrack icons with 2 red lines running down icons & if i move those files back to desktop they go back to red cbz zip icons like normal.
ive now looked at other folders that had comic flies in my mac & a lot of these have changed to same comicrack icons but half of these were never ones i used in parallels & just seem random as they both cbr or cbz.
now if i look at comic folders in my mac i opened one folder that hadnt anything to do with windows or comicrack & files were normal icons one second then changed over to comicrack icons?
another folder had 120 comics in cbz red zip icons that just changed to comicrack icons but left random 4 icons as red cbz zip icon?
im really confused as mac properties shows preview pic as red cbr zip photo & says opens with stuffit expander (which is default) but icon shows comicrack pic with 2 red lines running down it?
now my friend has been resizing my comics for me & has the exact same settings etc & he set up my mac the same way & he didnt have any issues & he did a few thousand comics for me so no idea what going on.
any help appreciated
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