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TOPIC: What exactly does export to .cbz do?

What exactly does export to .cbz do? 1 week 4 days ago #49868

Hi everyone,
This is less of a noob question than it may sound.
I've been a comic rack user for a number of years, never had any issues I couldn't eventually figure out but I am stuck right now. - just figured out a fix if not root cause!

I regularly do a backup of my collection to my NAS.
On my latest attempt a small portion (dozens out of hundreds) of my files would fail, with an out of space error and "0 bytes is need to copy this item".
- it isn't out of space (tons of space left)
- also isn't permissions, or quotas etc...
- It isn't the backup software - a straight file copy has same error.
- I can copy to other drives, such as USB, or one drive (unfortunately don't have other network locations to test)
- It only happened to files where I recently would have updated the comic info that is saved to the cbz.
- I managed to reproduce after taking the original file ( which would copy to the NAS fine), and only doing a convert to cbz on it (it then would not copy)
- I then turned off one of the export flag options (write comic info) -and re-exported to .cbz and it now worked!
-I then turned that flag BACK on - and now if I reexport to cbz all the problem files -they still work!

So - I'm not sure what I learned. Seems like my export function was doing something odd for a while - but now seems to be ok.
Has anyone encountered anything similar? ( I could not find evidence in the archives).
My only guess is that the data written to the .cbz was in some way corrupted that would prevent me from copying to some file systems (my NAS is unix based).

I'm interested in anyone's thoughts - and maybe this will help someone else down the road.

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