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TOPIC: Rename Files

Rename Files 11 years 4 months ago #1287

I'd like to see a feature to deal with the following situation I find myself in frequently:

I find a lot of my comics have poorly named files. For instance, I've seen things like CA001.cbr up to CA200.cbr for issues 1-200 of the "Captain America" series. When comicrack scans these they come out as a big mess of single comics for individual series, which is easy enough to address by setting the info on all files to be the "Captain America" series. What I would like to see however, is an option "Rename Files..." where I could do a batch rename of the cbr/cbz files such that it would look at the ComicRack info I've entered and change the file names to a standard format using all or some of the info.

i figure a format like TITLE #ISSUE (MM-YYYY) would work well. or possibly allowing the user to dictate their own format based on whatever fields they'd like in the filename.

Another somewhat similar idea would be to add a feature to allow the user to specify a pattern that the file name matches in order to get better initial info set up from the filename. For example, say I have a directory of files named CA001-1960.cbr. The user could specify something like they want CA%3i-%4y.cbr to be mapped to "Title: Captain America", "Number: %3i", "Year: %4y". This one is clearly a little more technical than the other suggestion i mentioned but I would definately like to see both implemented in the future!
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Re:Rename Files 11 years 4 months ago #1288

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I think there are already some scripts available...
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