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TOPIC: Request for additional GUI for filtering smartlist

Request for additional GUI for filtering smartlist 11 years 11 months ago #155

In my collection I am not so worried about volume numbers, etc. I am primarily just collecting things I like to read and share.
However, I use smart lists and folders ALOT. I user them primarily in the same way I used to use folders on my hard drive--just to organize. (I have about 21,000 of everything comics, ebooks, artbooks, etc)

Currently in order to create a smart list for a larger grouping like \"Mainstream\" I create a smart list and match the path to \mainstream (as opposed to erotic or artbooks or ebooks)--then I have created a number of smart list for particular series (Like Heavy Metal, 100 Bullets, etc). However, in order to ADD anything to that match I have to go back in and edit the formula--the same goes if I want to exclude a particular item from a matchlist (like not showing the Frank Miller Dark Knight within my Batman series lists or Adding Metal Hurlant to my Heavy Metal Collection).

Here are my requests.

1. Make a right click function that allows you to exclude items in a particular smartlist from other smartlists.

The user would Right click on a smartlist in the library panel and have the option to exclude from other lists the items within that particular list. i.e. right click on the Heavy Metal smartlist and choose exclude from Mainstream smartlist.

2. Add a new tab to the Get Info dialog that allows users to use fields in the info dialog to create smartlists and exclude or include that item (or groups of items) by that field from existing smartlists or creating a new smartlist.

The user right clicks on an item (heavy metal #6 1985) within a smartlist (Mainstream) and chooses Get Info. One of the tabs in the dialog is called Lists. Within that dialog is every list already created within the library. Next to each is an include/exclude checkbox. By checking exclude next to the Mainstream list. The item is automatically (upon clicking submit) excluded from the Mainstream smartlist (on the backend the filter is created within the Matchlist.)

3. There should also be an advanced button that allows the user to choose to exclude ALL items that meet the same criteria from that particular list. (i.e. choose exclude from Smartlist name—click advanced—choose the field to exclude by and choose the checkbox that says “all items that meet the same criteria” –click submit and all items that meet that criteria are excluded from the smartlist name Smart list.

The user is within the smartlist called mainstream. They scroll within individual items and find a Heavy Metal Magazine. Right Click on the image and choose Get Info—Lists (tab)—Currently it is included within two lists My Library and Mainstream. User checks in the exclude checkbox next to the Mainstream Smartlistname. Stopping here would exclude ONLY that single item from Mainstream (useful for one offs etc.) However, the user wants to exclude ALL heavy metals from mainstream. They click Advanced and choose the field they want to use as their criteria in the ALL items meet this criteria section (In this case Series: Heavy Metal) and click ok—back to the original tab (lists) –click submit. Back to Get Info.

4. (last one) Within the same dialog give the option to BUILD a smartlist from a particular criteria.

From above—in advanced have the option to build a smartlist based upon Series: Heavy Metal.

Sorry this is so long. I wanted to be very clear. I know these are difficult—but I think it would be a great value add to your already excellent software. If I programmed within Python (and had the time) I would probably try to do it myself.

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