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TOPIC: Comic Info Stored In Files...Why not <Series Complete> and <Tags>?

Re: Comic Info Stored In Files...Why not everything? 6 years 9 months ago #27731

  • T3KN0Gh057
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well i don't know a better way to ask the question.

I'm just trying to say, why not make it optional

and Mp3's give you the option to store whatever tags you want.

which makes sense if you're not sharing to have whatever info you want stored in the files.

then how about some way to save this info so it can be restored? If someone loses thier database through no fault of thier own. That's alot of work lost.

And really not trying to sound harsh but why cater towards those who could care less. most people aren't even going to pay attention to the data i'm requesting to be saved and those that do care would probably want are likely avid collectors and would (i assume) want to keep that information collected as well as the files. No probably doesn't make sense when you give the file to another... but a script can be made to strip that info. But there's no script you an make to restore info that you lost from the database. It seems more advisable to err on the side of safety than concerning what's gonna make sense to someone else, if it doesn't make sense they can easily change or delete it, which is a lot less work than re-inserting all that info.

same thing with mp3's most people never see any tags beyond artist, title, year (and perhaps album artist) but there's still many more standard tags and you can add any other tags you want.

so i don't understand why you're so against at least making database only fields optional?

so all info can be saved to file, and you could possibly select the optional "database only" tags not to import when getting info from the file. or vice versa.

Unless i have something i feel i NEED to respond to i won't bother you about it anymore. I may not have effectvely debated my point, but to me the argument is stronger in favor of exporting all fields, save for the fact that it's your program. I guess if you're really against it i'll have to stop saving my data to files and write a script to import/export my data to xml beside the file, but that's really messy and i wanted to avoid that.
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Re: Comic Info Stored In Files...Why not <Series Complete> and <Tags>? 6 years 2 months ago #35456

  • Xelloss
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Ow! so it wasn't a bug! I thought it was...

It is a pity... Sometimes I make a mistake, or some plugin crash, and I have to reload files in the library and I have to reload all this info (I hace a 7000+ collection). I have found a solution and it is to put this info in Scanning Information data... (for example, if I have read a comic, I put a "read" word in this field, if a series is complete I put a "complete" word, etc - I use smart searches to do it quickly every weekend - ... and then, if I have to reload this info again, I just use smart searches to do it in seconds, or use a script... XD)

What about "review" not stored?
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Re: Comic Info Stored In Files...Why not <Series Complete> and <Tags>? 5 years 6 months ago #38549

  • adamf9898
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I have a suggestion for this. In ComicRack you can right click and select Copy Data, then open notepad and paste the data and save the file as comicinfo.xml

This would take a very long time to do but at least you will have the data saved and do not have to rescrape each time. Just a suggestion.

make sure you do NOT have the checkbox checked that says, "Allow writing of book info into files" in the advanced tab. from my understanding this will save all of your information when you choose to back up your database instead of saving the information into each file.

i hope this has helped as i notice it has been a year since a post
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