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TOPIC: "Close Comic" in right-click menu?

"Close Comic" in right-click menu? 4 years 7 months ago #37601

When I've got a comic open in Full Screen with Minimal User Interface, the right-click menu is often the best program interface for me. I can do everything I want from it, except close the currently-open comic! Is there any way this could be added?

(yes, I know this is my 3rd request today, and only my 4th post... apologies if this isn't good etiquette. I'm done with requests now though!)

EDIT: Okay, I found that it's there, but buried under a sub-menu. I guess I'm actually requesting that it be moved into the main right click menu, preferably right at the bottom so it's easy to click quickly. But this might just be my preference. I'd be even happier if the buttons that can be changed in "preferences" included the button that closes comics... maybe that'd be a better request?
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