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TOPIC: Frames/Panel Auto scrolling

Frames/Panel Auto scrolling 5 years 2 months ago #40054


So I posted a question over in the Help section, but it seems to be something that might belong in the Features Request Section. You can look it up here:


but the gist of it is creating a more customizable auto scroll to embed into the file's metadata, I guess?

I originally wrote:
"I recently downloaded some old comics online. The pages were in jpegs, but the uploader did have the foresight to separate them into .zip archives - yay! So, I just changed the file extensions from zip to cbr. As I was enjoying my new old comics it occurred to me that it would be great to be able to edit these and any comic really so that I could scroll through it row by row or panel by panel.

What I mean is: some pages have three rows of panels. Others might have two with taller panels. I know that I can "fit to page" (too small for my PC screen or for my tablet for that matter) or "fit to width" which is much better but usually divides the page in two parts: top and bottom. I press "home" on my keyboard and it takes me to the top half, "End" takes me to the bottom half. Cool, except when some panels are slightly larger height-wise than exactly 50% of the page. So, then I have to manually drag up and down.

Is there any way I can define the borders of the rows and panels and embed that info into the files so that future readers will have exactly what needs to be seen fit to the screen? This would require some customization per page, of course, and "splash pages" or non-traditional panels would get custom treatment of course. Ultimately, it's not for me, but I would like to make the reading experience better for future readers."

It should really be matter of click and point to the corners of one frame to establish it as a frame, or drag a rectangle around a row and click in the center dividers kind of thing. Then when someone is reading the book and the press the "next" key it auto scrolls down to where that row is and zooms a bit to allow it to fit the screen.

I know I for one would be willing to do this for a file meant to be shared and it might be a useful tool for comic creators as well.

Please let me know if this feature already exists. Again, it's different than Comixology's Guided View in that this is really just a smart auto scroll onto a full page jpeg image.
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