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TOPIC: Some feature ideas

Some feature ideas 10 years 7 months ago #477

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First of all, thanks for the great program you have made.

Second, I'd like to pitch in my 2 cents worth of ideas for some features i believe would enhance the program even more. They come from my personal usage experience:

1)A way to have the program \"listen in\" (maybe using FileSystemWatcher in .net?) on a \"download folder\" (somewhere where you download your new e-comics to, and that has a tendency to grow messed up) in such a way that, when detecting a new comic, would automagically move it to the identified collection's folder (if applicable). This, of course, assumes it would be possible to set a folder as a collection's \"main folder\", where the majority of its comics are.
Download folder: c:\New comics
Collection A folder: d:\Comics\CollectionA
Collection B folder: d:\Comics\CollectionB

3 new comics are downloaded to c:\New comics, A, B and C. Comic Rack identifies A and B collections and moves the files to the appropriate Collection A folder and Collection B folder. Comic C would remain in the download folder, as no collection was identified.

2)And as a side-effect of 1), a way to automagically move comics in wrong folders to collection folders. I find myself wasting time and time sorting all the mess instead of reading comics :-).

3)When testing a comic file, if it can't be opened, try to rename it from .cbr->.cbz or vice-versa while testing it, and try again. Many times its just a wrong extension and the file is ok.

Sorry if this is abusive, or if some of them are already implemented (i didnt find them), and again, thanks for a great program.
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Re:Some feature ideas 10 years 7 months ago #480

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comicrack does not care about file extensions. you can rename your cbz to cbr and still open it.

The rest would be best solved with extending the scripting capabilities. I think about it.
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Re:Some feature ideas 10 years 7 months ago #482

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I second this idea, and if I knew a ounce of python I'd consider doing it myself. Much like itunes does for your music collection, I can see a benefit in extending capabilities to file management as well.

That said, I suppose some discussion would need to be made on how to organize. My personal preference would be Publisher/Title/Issue.cbz - or at the very lease Title/Issue.cbz

Even more complicated, my collection is spread over 3 drives, so I suppose doing this properly would require some centralization of my collection.

Anyway, just my .02
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