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TOPIC: Treat separate reader window as separate window

Treat separate reader window as separate window 10 years 8 months ago #695

Hi cYo,

It's not a bug, but a behaviour I don't understand why it works this way:
- Turn on "eComic in separate window"
- Open any eComic
- Read the eComic (full screen or windowed - it doesn't matter)
- Close the eComic (Alt+F4 or close button)
What happens: ComicRack turns off the "separate window" option and the comic is still open as a panel of ComicRack main window.

What I think it should be (common sense, I believe):
- When you close the eComic, and ComicRack is in "separate reader mode", close the eComic, don't show the reader area as a panel and keep the separate reader mode "on". And don't forget to keep the "Full Screen" mode working just for the separate window when both are "on". I don't know why the comic browser must be full screen too.

It will be much more intuitive, and closer to ACDSee and ThumbsPlus (does it still exist?) style.

By the way, ESC should be a valid "Close" hotkey for the separate window.

I have another suggestion, but I'll write another post for it.
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Re:Treat separate reader window as separate window 10 years 8 months ago #704

  • cYo
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the reader when in it's own window is just treated as undocked. You do not get a new reader for each comic. You can open multiple comics a the same time in the undocked reader (Ctrl-T or open in new tab). So closing the reader is NOT the same as closing the open eComic.

I will look into the dual full screen issue.
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Re:Treat separate reader window as separate window 10 years 8 months ago #707

I understood and did not understood. :)

When you close then undocked reader window, I think you should CLOSE the related eComic. Currently, it's re-docking and keeping the eComic opened.

In practice:

My workspace contains only the browser. I collapse the "opened eComic panel" to completely hide it. The "undocked reader window" is set (on).

When I double-click any eComic, it works as expected, opening a detached window for that eComic.

But if I close this window, I think I'm closing the eComic. What happens:
1) I go back to the browser
2) The collapsed (hidden) eComic panel appears
3) The eComic is still opened.

My suggestion was to close the eComic when the undocked window is closed, and keep the viewer panel the size it was before opening the eComic.

You told nothing about ESC as a hotkey to close the eComic.
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Re:Treat separate reader window as separate window 10 years 6 months ago #899

  • jeejee0
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Yeah this is my prime complaint with the program. I love the way I can look through my collection visually, the database stuff is excellent so far.

But opening and reading comics is a pain! This is a major problem because opening and reading comics is the primary function of a comic reader.

Here's how I think it could be made a lot better:

Fullscreen and Reader in own window buttons
- "Fullscreen" and "Reader in own window" should be toggles. They should relate only to the reader, so Fullscreen should not make the browser fullscreen. They should not do anything when you press them, so pressing "Reader in own window" should not launch the reader. They should merely be settings that determine what happens when you open a comic.

- These settings should be saved, so once I set them, the behaviour will always be what I want and I don't have to set them every time I open the program.

Opening a comic
If the "Reader in own window" setting is turned on, then double-clicking a comic should open that comic in a new window. If the "Fullscreen setting" is turned on, then it should be full screen.

Closing a comic
There should be a "close comic" option in the right-click menu. Currently you have to double-click the comic to take it out of full-screen and then click the X to close it. The Esc key should also close the comic.

After the comic is closed
Once I close the comic I shouldn't have to deal with a new instance of the comic jumping in my face that I don't understand. Currently, when I close a comic the browser for some reason then goes into a full display of the comic that I just closed. From my standpoint, the browser has mysteriously disappeared and I am looking at a comic that I thought I just closed. If I then do the obvious thing and close it, I have just closed the browser which I didn't want to do. I have to left-click on the screen to get the browser back. This behaviour is very bad because it doesn't make sense and it's very hard to understand what is going on. If I start with the browser, then open a comic, then close a comic, I should be left with the browser again. In other words, the browser window should not change when a comic is opened in a new window.

The in-browser "preview" pane
Personally I dislike the preview pane or in-browser reader because when I want to read a comic, I want it to be full screen and in its own window. I love the browser, and when I'm using it I hide the preview pane completely so I have a nice big view of my collection. My suggestion is that if the preview pane is hidden, then the default behaviour should be to open a comic in a new window. Also I think there should be a very straightforward way to simply turn off the in-browser reader.

I think this is a really cool program, I was playing with it all day getting my comics into different stacks etc. It's very smooth and the graphics are great. BUT, the comic opening and reading behavior is keeping this program from being truly great. It's a major turnoff how non-intuitive reading a comic is, and this is fundamentally what the program is all about. With a few simple fixes as suggested above I could easily see ComicRack taking over as the standard comic reading software.

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