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TOPIC: some ideas/Suggestions

some ideas/Suggestions 10 years 6 months ago #723

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I like comicrack very much, but there are two points that could be a little bit better:
(This is mostly for manga, i am not sure how sensible it would be for comics)

1) Use the informations provided by folders: For example to option to automatically bin all files in folder "seriesname" as belonging to series "seriesname".

2) When adding new Volumes to a series, automatically spread the category/ect to the new volume. Or at least give some kind of "same as the rest" button. Or did i miss something there?

3) Store more information in the alternate data-streams: At least for me, if i move series in a different folder, the ratings/ect got lost. From the description i thought you would only need to do everything _once_, and comicrack would recognice it when adding an file again.

3a) Maybe storing meta-information like picassa: An hidden file in each folder? This is not against a central database, but i am a bit hesitating about spending time doing categorizing if it might not survive for example being copied on my laptop...

4) Some more options for smart lists (or maybe i just missed it...): I would like to do searches for series, not only volumes. Stuff like "All series with"... (For example to make a smartlist like "show all series with unread chapters that have a rating >3").

The reason for the last one is linked to no. 2): If i add a new volume, its still untouched by any tags, to even if the rest of the series is already rated high, a search wont find it (as even though its unread, its not rated high).

If anything of that is already possible with the current version, please tell me.
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