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TOPIC: "Publishing" Lists/Folders

"Publishing" Lists/Folders 10 years 6 months ago #878

So my main request would be essentially an automated mass-file rename/copy to a specified location. For instance, I have a folder that looks like this:

Superman (folder)
_______-Early History (list)
_______-Year One (folder)
______________-Year One Books (smartlist)
______________-Other (list)

I would like to be able to right-click on the Superman Folder and have a dialogue box pop up that asks me for a folder location. I select C:\users\[user-name]\Desktop. I then click Publish. The program creates the following folder structure in Windows and copies the comics from their file location in the library to these folders, prepended with the Position number (for Lists) or a numerical order based off of the grouping/stacking/sorting (for Lists [option for position or sorting] and Smartlists):

Superman (folder)
_______-Early History (folder)
______________XX File.cbr (XX is the Position number)
______________XX File.cbr
_______-Year One (folder)
______________-Year One Books (folder)
_____________________XX File.cbr
______________-Other (folder)
_____________________XX File.cbr

Optionally, a rename setting based off of a defined string would be nice too. This could also be used for the Rename File option on individual books as well (set at a global level in the settings menu). For instance, if I set the file name string to:
[Series]" "[Volume]" "[Number]" - "[Title]" ("[Alternate Series]" "[Alternate Number]")"

A file could be renamed to:
Adam Strange v2 1 - Planet Heist, Part One (Infinite Crisis 2).cbr

An option for number of digits in the number fields would be super as well (a set integer or dynamic, based off the total digits of the highest number for that series/volume; for instance, if the highest X-Men v2 number is 202, the numbering would be 3 digit).

Finally, the ability to go from the last book in a list to the first book in the next list would be nice (much like some other Comic reading software :)).

Too much to ask for a newb?

Douglas Bubbletrousers
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Re:"Publishing" Lists/Folders 10 years 6 months ago #879

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There is a scripting engine built into Python to accomplish such complex highly customized behavior. Check the scripts forum for some examples and guidance.
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Re:"Publishing" Lists/Folders 10 years 6 months ago #886

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It can be done in scripts, but it shouldn't need to be. It should be built into the application.

If ComicRack really wants to be the iTunes of comic management, it needs a strong file/folder/move/rename management tool.

Every mp3 tagger (except itunes?) on the planet can move/rename files/folders based on tags without asking the users to write a script.

If a script is required, that's fine, but it should be included (eventually?) as part of the application.

Strong file management isn't really an option, it is more of a requirement (that hasn't been included, yet).

And that is what feature requests are for.

Hopefully, over time, this great app will become even greater.
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