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TOPIC: About 0979

About 0979 10 years 6 months ago #989

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Thanks for the manga fix, that was fast.

Also introduced previously (forgot to ask then) was this line for localized version, which I use all the time (for easier previous version reversion):
<add key="AlwaysUseUnrarExe" value="false" />
What is it for when I put in true?

Request part here:

1. Tab added in MUI => I mean back then was, to hide it too along with the menus & buttons. Only if possible, Reclaiming my reading space, heh.

2. Add cancel button to the search bar in the search for news at the beginning. For those times when connection to site failed. And CR remains unusable until you ctrl-alt-del it. Or do it stop itself? I stare at it for a long time, several min though. It don't.

3. FILE NAMES => CR ignores v with number right? like v01, can you add the c?(stands for chapters) which is commonly used(like c53) so it won't be used for title. While at it can you add support for variations: v, vol, c, ch... that is attached to numbers.

4 I'm thinking new feature in the preference menu: Automatically pick the first file name for the "set the top of the stack" cover. Usually it's the only one that got colored cover, others are later chapters (no cover)... And it also stop the annoying changing of the top of the stack automatically when adding new items.

5. Making the "right to left" universal, it's tiring to click that all the time. Just like the other page layout fitting size. Or add option of it to the preference menu. Also it was gone from the keyboard/mouse configuration (can it be brought back?), or is it a bug? sometimes it works sometimes not...

Looking better now, more than ever. Well, except for the freezes which happens all the time since 0978 (I skipped the 0977), could it be due to heavy resource usage? I can't really trace that one.
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Re:About 0979 10 years 6 months ago #1001

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A good idead would maybe be that

When you go over a entry in the library it shows the path to the file aswell so you can for example see:


That's just needed because CR doesn't recognize the right Volume of a file and the right Chapter.

Though that would be great, because you can directly see which file
exactly it is and the feature described above wouldn't be needed anymore.

For Example:

C:\Files\Mangas\Manga1\V1_Ch2_SmileyWorld.zip | In that case it should show:

Smileyworld Volume 1 Chapter 2

or something like that.
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Re:About 0979 10 years 6 months ago #1006

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You could just use "Alternate number" or another category like that for chapters.

And you can make the file names one of the columns in details view.
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Re:About 0979 10 years 4 months ago #1098

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for 3. it ignore the V in volumes? it identifies it but I still see it atached in the information view
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