Wednesday August 05 , 2015
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ComicRack 0.9.156 released

Finally the long promised new ComicRack for Windows build.

This build makes it much easier to edit sync settings for lists and folders with direct pop-up commands. Also the smartlist editor has been optimized and enhanced with a new collapse group feature, which makes editing complex rules sets simpler.

As usual there are some bug fixes and various enhancements in the mix. For a full list of changes check out the description for the download.

UPDATE: There was a small problem with the inital upload. If you've downloaded this version in the first hour after release and run into stability problems, please redownload.


If you have previously donated for ComicRack and you see the donation dialog after installing this build, simply re-validate your existing donation email with the validate button.


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File Title: ComicRackSetup09156.exe (Details)
File Version: 0.9.156
File Size: 11,334.76 Kb

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