Saturday December 20 , 2014
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ComicRack is the best eComic reader and manager for Windows computers. It is an all-in-one solution to read and manage your eComic library. It is actively maintained, has a strong user base and is FREE.

ComicRack 0.9.163 released

This is a bug fix and maintenance release.

For the full list of changes, see the change log. To comment about this version just head over to the User Forum.

As always, please try to use the Torrent download to save resources on this server.

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Language Packs

ComicRack comes with a lot of language packs out of the box. But as ComicRack is a rather fast evolving application, some of these packs are a bit out of date right now.

If you think you can help update them or create a new one, read this and head over to the language pack section in the user forum.

Thanks to all the people who have invested their time making these packs and maybe some new ones helping to bring them up to date.

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ComicRack 0.9.162 released

Again, a maintenance release with some new features.

The main new feature is an option to display all thumbnails in the browser as single page with the same size. If turned on, this gives a nice grid layout of your books. The sync dialog now gives detailed information about what is actually happening.

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Changes in the Free Android version

Today I released new versions of ComicRack for Android. They introduce much better bookmark navigation, a GotoPage function and lots of other small fixes.

It also introduces a new 100 book USB sync limit for the Free Version. I know that there will be people complaining about this and I do understand their feelings. But what is the reason behind this change?

In the next 2-3 months CRIOS (ComicRack for iOS) will be released. There is no free version planed for iOS.

So to level the playing field with the Android version, where currently the free version is basically the same as the Full Version except of some annoying ads, I decided to introduce this limitation. I thought long and hard about what limit is best and settled for 100 books. This should be enough for your daily commute or even your weekend trip.

Also, this limit is just for synchronization.
You can still copy as many books manually to the device, scan them into the library and read them with ComicRack.


ComicRack 0.9.161 released

This is a maintenance release with some new features.

The Catalog field Released Date has been added. This is meant for the date the book was actually in the store (the published date is normally a few months in the future).

The Device Dialog for synchronizing your mobile device has now an option to only displayed checked lists and also has some new commands to copy setups between devices.

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ComicRack 0.9.160 released

This release finally introduces the long requested Day field for the Published date. Additionally the collapsed/expanded state of groups are now remembered. 

For the complete list of updates and changes see the description for the download. For any comments about this version jump over to the user forum.

UPDATE: There was a bug in the original upload. If you've downloaded the 0.9.160 release in the first hour of release, please redownload again.

UPDATE 2: Three times a charm. Another small bug one crept in. Just redownload. I'm doing an incremental release today, it seems.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.160 released


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