Monday August 03 , 2015
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Simply the best

ComicRack is the best eComic reader and manager for Windows computers. It is an all-in-one solution to read and manage your eComic library. It is actively maintained, has a strong user base and is FREE.

10 Million

That is the number of total page views this site has passed during the current week.

I still remember posting about the first version of ComicRack in some no longer existing comic forum a few years ago (you can download a copy of this version here)

I think this number is quite remarkable for a small tool that always just competed on the mere merits of its quality and never had any backing with ads or campaigns. And still, if you search for "best comic reader" in Google, there's a good chance that ComicRack comes up first :)

So I want to say thanks to you, the users of ComicRack, that made the program what it is today with your ideas, your feedback and your donations.

And btw, there will be a new ComicRack for Windows release this weekend :)


Nexus 7

Nexus 7

This graph shows the device install count of ComicRack (Paid).

Green is the Asus Transformer, blue is the Transformer Prime and red is the Acer A500. The orange line is the new Nexus 7. In 3 weeks the Nexus 7 almost managed to take the 2nd spot.

This is what I call a successful device launch :)

The next versions for ComicRack (Windows and Android) are still in the making. But as I managed to break my finger playing football last week there will be some delay.

The new builds will among other things include new features for syncing, enhancements for Jelly Beans and the usual bag of bugfixes.


Back again

First where my holidays, then some release pressure in my daytime job.

I hope to make a new build of CRW and CRA for this weekend. Both will include some small fixes and updates.

Also I've again fixed the account creation problem for this site (and the forum). It was a log problem that lead to auto of memory exceptions on the server.

As always,
have fun


Forum Registration works again

You can join the party again :)

Holiday Geetings

I'm currently on vacation and lucky if I get any Internet connection.

Also it seems that my sunburn is not my only problem. Forum registration is down again and I've sent an email to my hosting service. I hope it will be fixed in the next days.

See you all again in another week :)


ComicRack 0.9.155 released

This is a service release that fixes most of the bugs that surfaced in the past month. For a detailed list check out the details of the download.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.155 released


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