Friday November 28 , 2014
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ComicRack is the best eComic reader and manager for Windows computers. It is an all-in-one solution to read and manage your eComic library. It is actively maintained, has a strong user base and is FREE.

Back again

First where my holidays, then some release pressure in my daytime job.

I hope to make a new build of CRW and CRA for this weekend. Both will include some small fixes and updates.

Also I've again fixed the account creation problem for this site (and the forum). It was a log problem that lead to auto of memory exceptions on the server.

As always,
have fun


Forum Registration works again

You can join the party again :)

Holiday Geetings

I'm currently on vacation and lucky if I get any Internet connection.

Also it seems that my sunburn is not my only problem. Forum registration is down again and I've sent an email to my hosting service. I hope it will be fixed in the next days.

See you all again in another week :)


ComicRack 0.9.155 released

This is a service release that fixes most of the bugs that surfaced in the past month. For a detailed list check out the details of the download.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.155 released


Registering accounts works again

So it was not possible to create new accounts for some days now. I think I've fixed the problem now and everything should work as usual again.

Sorry for the problems.

UPDATE: My solution to the problem did not work. I temporarily turned off the captcha check when creating a new account. But this lead to massive spam. So've turned it back on again. I will try to find a working solution tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: I hope everything is fine again. I've still to keep an eye on the spam situation and the automated bots that seem to roam the net, but registering works again.


Reading Lists

Thanks to our member oraclexview the reading list section in the forum got revamped. You now can find there lots of story lines and thematic lists for both the Marvel and the DC universe.

Reading lists can easily be imported into ComicRack simply by downloading and opening. If an eComic in the list is already in your library it will automatically get linked. If the book is not available, a fileless entry will be created that you can use to scrape all the information (like cover thumbnail and detailed information) with the comic vine plugin.

Read more: Reading Lists


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