Tuesday November 25 , 2014
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ComicRack is the best eComic reader and manager for Windows computers. It is an all-in-one solution to read and manage your eComic library. It is actively maintained, has a strong user base and is FREE.

ComicRack 0.9.154 released

This release brings lots of bug fixes, new device sync options and new extensions for scripts.

The Sync Device settings have been redesigned to better support lists with multiple series and also support a new option to keep the last read comic on the device even when "only unread" is checked.

There is now a new script hook to autostart scripts with ComicRack. This allows e.g. to autostart the new webserver plugin (when it is updated to support the new feature).

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.154 released


New ComicVine plugin released

cbanack released a new version of his fantastic comic vine plugin for ComicRack.

You can read all the details here or download it here.


The Best Free Software of 2012

PC Magazine has voted ComicRack into the list of best freeware programs for the year 2012. Thanks :)

Here's the link to the ComicRack page.


ComicRack 0.9.153 released

This is a maintenance release with some bug fixes and feature enhancements.

The duplicate list command now allows you to select the list where the duplicate is stored. Also limiting synced lists has been somewhat improved.

I also looked into the setup process. Setup now detects an incomplete installation of the .NET framework (notable the client framework version) and installs the full version if needed. I hope that this solves the problems people had with invalid .NET installations on their machines.

You can comment about the new version here.


Read more: ComicRack 0.9.153 released


Server Support

Finally my provider forces me to upgrade the hosting package of this web server to a higher level (and I can understand it, as the monthly transfer now hovers around 600 GB).

You can show your support and keep this running like it did for the last years by making a small donation.

You can either donate with the widget to the right of this post (the lower donation limit there is $15, but it will also register your ComicRack copy).

Or you can use the button below and enter any amount you want. 


Thank you for your donation and also thanks for all the support, you, the users of ComicRack, have given to this site over the last years.


ComicRack 0.9.152 released

This release brings a great new feature to sync.

You're now able to limit synced lists to a number of books or by list size. This allows for example to limit a reading list to 5 unread books. Whenever you have finished a book, simply hit wireless sync (on the full edition) and this will remove the read books from your device and add new unread ones.

Additionally, as usual, I've put also some bug fixes into the package.

You can comment about the new version here.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.152 released


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