Saturday August 01 , 2015
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ComicRack is the best eComic reader and manager for Windows computers. It is an all-in-one solution to read and manage your eComic library. It is actively maintained, has a strong user base and is FREE.

Creating Smartlists with Drag & Drop

I made a small demo video to show how simple it is to create and modify Smartlists simply by drag & drop.

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You need ComicRack 0.9.173+ for this to work.


ComicRack 0.9.173-174 released

Update: I found two bugs in the .173 release. I uploaded .174 that fixes these issues.

I finally came around to fix and finish all the features and changes I was working on in the last months.

This release adds the Quick Ratings Dialog already known from the iOS and Android versions of ComicRack, including the option to tweet your reviews.
Drag and Drop in the Library browser has been greatly enhanced. You can now drop book(s) anywhere in the library browser.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.173-174 released


ComicRack for the iPad 1.07 update

The new version of ComicRack for the iPad is now available in the App Store.

It adds support for the new WebP image format. This way comics need about 30% less space while keeping the same quality. Also pairing is now much easier if there are some problems with the network.

Get it while it is hot :)


ComicRack 0.9.172 released

This is a recommended bugfix release. Fixed bugs include MS SQL support, WebP quality selection, counter updates, syncing WebP comics to non WebP compatible devices etc.

The only new feature is the implementation of lossless WebP compression.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.172 released


ComicRack 0.9.171 released

This is a rather big release with one standout new feature: WebP support.

WebP gives you the same quality as jpg with 30% less image size. ComicRack supports WebP for reading and writing. Additionally if your device (Android, IPad) supports WebP, it is now the standard format used for device optimization.

To use WebP on your mobile device you need ComicRack for Android 1.77+ running on Android 4.0 and up or ComicRack for iPad 1.0.5+.

Read more: ComicRack 0.9.171 released


ComicRack for iPad Pick of the Week

MacBreak Weekly made ComicRack for the iPad one of this weeks Picks of the Week.

You can watch the episode here:

The nice review of ComicRack starts around the 1:38:00 mark.

Update: Fixed link to video


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