Android FAQ

This is the FAQ for the Android version of ComicRack


Troubleshooting (wireless) synchronization

First, always make sure that you're running the latest version of ComicRack for Windows and Android.

If ComicRack for Windows can not find your device, it is usually because of firewall settings. For test purposes you can try to temporarily turn your firewall of and see if it works. If that is the case, turn your firewall on again and add an exception for ComicRack.

If ComicRack for Windows is still unable to find the Android device, it can be because your router blocks broadcasts/multicasts. Search for a "Filter Broadcasts" or "Filter Multicast" setting in your router and toggle it.
If this still does not help, you've to manually tell ComicRack for Windows where it can find your device. Open Preferences/Advanced in ComicRack for Windows and type in the IP address of your device. With the test button you can check if you entered the correct address.
Restart ComicRack for Windows and you should be able to Pair your devices, and the settings will persist through upgrades.
If nothing is working, it is a good idea to clean or delete your whole comic folder on your Android device, start ComicRack and repair the device.
Also check out the user form for help.


Using Comics on your external SD Card on Android 4.4 and above

The external SD card is not writable for apps (including ComicRack) but only from the PC or for media storage (photos, movies) on Android 4.4+

CRA will not allow you to select read only directories as your main comic folder.

If you want to store your comics on your external SD card with Android 4.4+ you have the following options:

  • Copy the comics manually to your SD Card and use the secondary Comic folder in preferences. The secondary folder can be pointed to read only folders
  • Use the HOME button in the folder selector and navigate the local app folder on sd card 2. Create a Comic folder at this location and select it. This will allow you to store your comics on your external sdcard and also sync them (WiFi).


Will CRA support reading shared eComics from the Windows Version

Yes, but I can not give a timeframe.


Why does CRA not support solid CBRs?

Solid CBRs are rar archives created with the solid option turned on. This means that the whole archive is one big chunk (and will be a few kb smaller). The consequence for the reader is, that to unpack e.g. page 7 the decompression process has to work through page 1-6 and then can start decompressing page 7. And when you want to open page 8 you start again from the beginning this time working through 1-7 and so on (and now think this through with a 500 page manga). On top of this RAR has a very memory intensive and slow decompression process.

The only valid option to work with solid archives is to decompress the whole thing at the beginning, but this seems to be against the whole idea of a page based container format (and again think this through with a 500 page manga). It also doubles the space needed on the device.

And all this for naught. Best container for comics is a zero compression zip file. What people do not understand is that the images are already compressed. Adding one compression above another is mostly useless and in the case of solid CBRs even harmful (more memory, sdcard space and processor power=battery needed).

CRW supports solid archives, but of course has much more memory, much more page caching and much faster processors.

CRA will not support solid CBRs.


What usage statistics are sent if the option is turned on?

ComicRack collects which buttons are pressed, which options are set and how commands are initiated (fling, menu etc.). It does not collect or send what eComics are read or in the library.
If you have not enabled sending stats, NOTHING is collected, logged or sent.


Help! Sync used to work but no longer does!

Always make sure that you run the latest version of ComicRack for Windows!

If this is the case or upgrading does not solve the problems, first thing to try to to pair/unpair again. If this does not help, delete your comic folder on the Android device, start ComicRack for Android and resync everything with ComicRack for Windows. This fixes any problems always.


License check fails for the full Edition

ComicRack uses the standard licensing scheme for Google Market. You can use ComicRack Full edition offline and it is not required to be connected to the internet all the time.

But from time to time the validity fo the license is checked. If this happens you've to make sure that you're connected to the internet. If the check still fails, wait a few minutes and try again. If it still fails, it is best to contact Google Market support as there is nothing I can do from my end.


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