Creating Language Packs for ComicRack for Windows

ComicRack comes since version 0.9.58 with multi language support. If your language is missing, you can translate Comicrack, submit your language pack and get famous :)

There is a forum for all the current localization projects running. If you're starting one, make a post and state the language to avoid someone else doing the same work :). When you're done your pack can be added to Addons download section and you can be listed as an official maintainer.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Download and unpack it into a folder (not the comicrack folder)
  2. go into the languages folder in comicrack (normally this is c:\Program Files\ComicRack\Languages) and unpack one of the language zips there (lets say You should now have a directory with the same name as the zip in the language folder containing a bunch of xml files.
  3. Start Localizer and open the created language folder with the Pack/Open command.
  4. Do a Edit/Reset Default command to set the pack back to English
  5. Change the language (lets say Spanish), type in your author name and some comment
  6. Start working
  7. The Localization Application

    As a hint, bold entries have the same text as the comment (this can mean that they have not been translated).
    You can sort the list by clicking on the column headers.
    With the Edit/Copy and Edit/Paste commands you can quickly copy texts from one entry to the next (for example a bunch of "Abort" entries).
    '&' must be typed as '&&', as a single '&' tells comicrack the following letter is a keyboard shortcut (as in '&File')
    '{0}', '{1}' etc. are placeholders for values ComicRack will put into this location and MUST be kept in the translation
  8. Save your work and save regularly. Loclizer is not much more than a duck tape application and it would be a shame to lose work because of a crash. When you save your pack a new folder with the language name will be created.
  9. You can always check the result of your current work by starting comicrack and selecting your new language pack in Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Language
  10. When you're done, zip all the xml files in your language directory (WITHOUT any path information) and post it in the forum. Additionally you can PM me (cyo).

As ComicRack is an evolving application, the text resources also tend to change. If you've already made a localization, it is very simple to update your pack to the latest version.

  1. Make a backup of your language pack and open it with localizer (version 1.1 and up).
  2. As the that ships with ComicRack is always the reference pack, unzip it into a folder and load it with the "Update Pack..." command. This will add only the new and changed items to your existing pack. All new entries will be added in English.
  3. Click on the <Updated> entry in the list, and edit/check all the new items.
  4. Save, zip and upload your pack

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