PDF Support in ComicRack for Windows

You have a bunch of eBooks in PDF format and want to manage and read them in your favorite Comic Reader?

Out of the box ComicRack has very limited support for PDF files. Basically it tries to get all the images in it and displays them. Of course, this works for most eComic PDFs but not for eBooks which also contain a lot of text.

But you can convert ComicRack to a full blown, fully compliant PDF reader and have the advantage of all the built in library functions (cover, page thumbnails and previews, database etc.)

You simply have to download  the official ghost script release and install it.

After this, ComicRack will automatically use it and display PDFs as good as Adobe Reader.


Get Ghostscript


Make sure to install the appropriate version of Ghostscript. Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your ComicRack installation.

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