Windows Tips & Tricks

This is an unsorted list of some tips and tricks for ComicRack for Windows (You may also call it the list of hidden features so hidden, that no one finds them :))


Change the size of thumbnails in the lists

You can either use the slider above the list or simply press Control and use the mouse wheel.


Dynamically change the zoom level in the reader

Either use the drop down in the tool bar and select one of the values, or enter or own value. Simplest way is to hold the middle mouse button pressed and move the mouse up or down.


Reorder folders, lists and smart lists in the Library tree

You can drag & drop them with the mouse to a new location or use the sort command in the context menu for folder items.


Create ordered reading lists

You can create ordered reading lists by creating or opening a List (not Smart List). In the list set grouping and stacking off and sort the list by position. Now you can position items in the list with drag & drop. You get a black insert cursor that tells you where the new position will be.

If you want to add eComics to a reading list, you can simply drag & drop eComics onto the name of the list in the library view. Or you can open a list with the "Open in new Window" command and drag & drop eComics from other lists to a position in the new list.


Change the reading order of pages

In the page viewer (or info dialog, pages tab) set the order to page and group off. Now you can drag/drop pages to new locations. This will change the actual order how you read them.


Copy eComics from a list to a file location

Take the eComic in the list and drag it to the new location (e.g. Desktop). You will get a copy of the file there.


Change values in multiple eComics at once

Select all the eComics you want to edit, and choose "Get Info..." in the context menu. Edit the entries you want to change in ALL selected eComics. Alternatively edit the value in one eComic, close the dialog and copy the values to the clipboard (Ctrl-C or "Copy Data"). Select all the eComics you want to update and do a "Paste Data..." (or Ctrl-V). Select the data you want to update.